Expert Advice for Finding Perfect Office Space

Gulshan Ansari G


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To Find the Perfect Office Space, Here Are Some Tips

Nothing is Perfect: rather than finding a perfect place, make a list of important points related to the business. And search a place which helps to expand your business rather than finding a fancy design and investing  unnecessary.

Major Customer Area Located or Coming From: find out from where your customers are coming, where they are located. Even also search where all the other people are located who are directly or indirectly related with your business.

Micro Enterprise: start with small steps. Always start with small business and cut down all the unnecessary costs of fancy and luxurious furniture. Once your business is set in the market wait until you start generating revenue.

Optimize Commute: Accessibility is a crucial factor to be considered while choosing a perfect commercial office space. The place should be centrally located and accessible by the owner as well as by the employees to avoid time wastage and promote productivity. The place should be convenient to travel to. Buying an office too far from the reach of the employees will eventually lead to absenteeism, employee turnover, and time wastage. Less time traveling means more time at work and with their families, improving both productivity and work-life balance. 

Beyond the Work Space: Be open to finding space that can be used not only for business, but also be utilized after hours—have the space to host network events and educational opportunities to connect with the community and provide business development. Consider looking for open space where desks or tables can be moved to adapt for different needs. Also check basic facilities like restaurants, banks, shopping streets, informal chit chat areas.

Interior Design: When choosing an office space for your small business, you should consider how the space is laid out. The layout is more efficient for the team. Natural light is also a bonus-no one wants to feel like they are working in a cave all day.

Know the Amount of Space You Need: estimate the amount of space you need, start by counting team members. The thumb rule is that you need about 1,000 sq. feet for every four to six people. But this is not a static figure. Think through what layout you’d like and take into consideration collaboration and discussion spaces.

Consider Your Team: design office interior from employee’s point of view and their work style. Consider office spaces that allow plenty of natural light and have a free flow of fresh air. These will refresh and invigorate your team, making them more productive and ultimately benefit the business.

Future Plan: Modern businesses are dynamic and always seek to increase in size and capability. Because of this, the size of the staff may also increase over time together with the success of a business. It’s important for you to consider the expansion of your team and how you may need a bigger office space. Plan for the future so that you will have enough office space to accommodate incoming members comfortably.

Negotiation in Rent: You should always negotiate rent down between 5 to 20 percent below the listed price. Try your best in negotiation on rent or purchase amount.

Parking Facilities: While​ selecting an office, pay close attention to parking details in your office campus. It is important for your employees and visitors to be assured about their vehicles and drivers while they visit your office. You need to read the terms and conditions regarding fees and charges of paid parking in clause. 


There are several aspects to consider for the best place for an officer. However, it is always advisable to consult with a real estate agent before you take any decision regarding the same. Roodland India can provide you with the best service in this regard. So, why are you waiting? Drop your concerns at Our team will revert with a promising solution at the earliest.


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