Power of Digital Transformation in the Real Estate

Gulshan Ansari G

The world is running fast and due to advances in knowledge and education people are inventing new technology for making people’s lives easier and faster.

To remain ahead of the competition, it is necessary for real estate companies to explore new structuring options, improve operational efficiency, and balance portfolios to get maximum return on investment – all while mastering digital disruption and learning the customer preferences.

  • The four main areas of digital transformation are process, technology, data, and organizational change. 
  • Whereas the 3 main components of digital transformation are rebuilding the operations, rebuilding relations with customers, and rebuilding procedures.

What is Digital Transformation in the Real Estate Industry?

Digital transformation appears within the real estate industry due to the implementation of digital technologies, adoption of digital technologies, real estate players such as developers, brokers, agents, investors, or managers embrace skills and culture change to meet evolving customer demands.

What Are the Digital Trends in Real Estate?

Blockchain is one of the digital trends in real estate since it automates, accelerates, makes transactions accessible, and tracks them. The cloud is where SaaS software and services work and store data, allowing for easy and quick access.

How Artificial Intelligence is Used in the Real Estate Industry?

In the real estate industry, Artificial Intelligence can be utilized to improve data management and it will improve the advertising campaigns by scanning data and determining the most popular or required forms of real estate assets. Predictive analytics evaluates and forecasts market trends using Big Data and machine learning techniques.

  • Change in how customers search for housing: due to a powerful digital marketing strategy to capture a majority of potential homeowners using the Internet.
  • Big Data is a technology that automates the analysis of an enormous amount of data from multiple sources.
  • Predictive analytics evaluates and forecasts market trends using Big Data and machine learning techniques. 
  • 80 % of top real estate performers use cloud services for marketing, sales, customer relationship management, property administration, shared storage, data mining, and other tasks.
  • A virtual tour is a 3-D walkthrough that allows potential buyers to see an apartment or property that is for sale. The potential buyer can decide which section and from which angle they want to look at, like Street View on Google Maps. 
  • Customer searches for houses online using a mobile device. They look at the images, home listings, and information about the home-buying process on websites.

In Summary

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We hope that this blog has provided you with a better understanding of the importance and necessity of digital transformation in the Real Estate Sector. 


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