What is the Builders’ Association of India (BAI)?

Lipika Pandey L


Most infrastructure development executers and builders of real estate, for example, the construction organizations in India, are under the umbrella of over seventy years old Builders’ Association of India (BAI). BAI is the main all-India apex representative of structural designing and civil engineering construction organizations. BAI was established in 1941 under the direction and favor of Brig. C.V.S. Jackson of Military Engineering Services, ‘Poona’, presently known as ‘Pune’, recommended that builders working under his order, structure a body for tracking down answers for different issues. He went further and made accessible a land piece inside the premises of Southern Command Headquarters in Pune, on which an office was developed and suitably named ‘Jackson Hut’, which stands even today as a landmark in BAI’s name.

During this 80-year journey, BAI’s membership has developed from 250 members to a spread of more than 3 Centers, to more than 20,000+ direct members spread over around 200+ Centers across the length and broadness of the country. Different local affiliations subsidiary to BAI, add another 1,50,000 indirect members.

All through its over seventy years of presence, BAI has had its highs and lows, hardships, memories of qualities and shortcomings, moments of greatness and disillusionment.

The Aims of the Builders Association of India Are

  • To advance and encourage feelings of Unity
  • To exhort and help individuals with legal and technical issues.
  • Mutual help and co-operation and to dispense unjustifiable trade practices and unhealthy competition among its individuals.
  • To improve and raise the technical information of people occupied with the business.

Mission & Achievements

  • BAI addresses different panels framed by the state and Central Government and proposes important suggestions/changes to improve the construction business.
  • BAI Southern Center has addressed CMDA Second Master Plan Committee and assisted the public authority with bringing it out effectively. BAI Southern Center has looked for and got the power for the Local Planning Authority to endorse plans in respective regions.
  • BAI Southern Center has been instrumental in joining of Price variation Clause in agreement reports of different works authorities. It addresses the Schedule of Rates Committee and endeavors to get fair costs.
  • BAI Southern Center has successfully taken up with the public authority and got a G.O, for the utilization of fabricated sand in govt. fills in as an option for river sand.
  • BAI is proliferating the adoption of a ‘unified standard equitable contract document’, because of FIDIC conditions by all work authorities.

Final Words

BAI advances and cultivates the feeling of fellowship, solidarity, co-activity, and shared trust and wipes out unhealthy rivalry among the contractor’s clique. It fabricates public trust in the development business by upholding morals in the business through transparency and accountability. It lays out a sound and warm connection between the client, the contractor, and the end-user, so all construction projects are finished with no time or cost overruns.


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