What is Completion Certificate?

Sujan Afi S

The Story

Suppose you had guests in your house and you had to attend them last night. So, it became really late when you went to sleep last night. You get up in the morning and your head aches much. You remember that you have a meeting to attend. You get ready for your presentation and log in just 5 minutes before the scheduled time. You introduce yourself and start the presentation. However, the voice of your parents, relatives, guests make the thing worse.

This is not the first time you face a problem. This has been the case several times. So, you think of getting yourself a house or an apartment where you can have a private space for yourself. You consult with a Real Estate agent and you find a house/apartment that suits all your needs. He also states about documentation. Thus, you start searching for the procedure of documentation. You understand that there are several reports that you require while purchasing a property. These might be required for setting up your possession at the hour of resale or for a mortgage. Yet, there are some papers/documents that are compulsory when you take ownership of the property from the developer or builder. One such significant piece of documents is the completion certificate.

You wonder what it must be. Well, a completion certificate is nothing but a legal document that is certified by the local council after the building is constructed, provided that the structure is fashioned as per the safety rules and regulations. 

A Deeper Understanding

A comprehensive idea about the completion certificate is necessary so that you don’t face any problems regarding it. A completion certification, as you can understand by the phrase itself, is a typical certificate issued by the local authoritative body after the structure (building) is constructed. This certificate is important for both the developer/builder and the owner(s) of the building/house. It has details like the following:

  1. Information about the land on which the building is constructed
  2. Details of the design of the structure
  3. The type and quality of the material used for construction
  4.  The height of the building
  5. Particulars of the builder or developer
  6. The position/locale of the structure and the distance of it from the neighbouring structures

Importance of the Completion Certificate

When you get an all-inclusive picture of the place in which you are going to live in, it becomes easier for you to rely upon the person from whom you are buying the property. You also have mental satisfaction; naturally, you feel secure. So, a completion certificate is something that is a must for you, no matter whether you buy an apartment or you construct one for yourself after buying a piece of land. This certificate will also help you if you think of selling off the property in future. This certificate is also crucial for getting the basic amenities and services like water, electricity, drainage, etc.

Needless to say, as a resident of a particular property, you must have an Occupancy certificate. If it is not there, it means that you are residing on an illegal property. The completion certificate is the first stepping stone to obtain the occupancy certificate. Further, if you don’t possess a completion certificate then the authority can evict (expulsion) you from the property or you may be asked to pay a penalty.

To get significant administrative works done, for example, lodging credits and local charge rolling, it is obligatory for you to have a completion certificate. In case you face any difficulty getting it, you can reach out to the authoritative body (local council or the municipality, as the case may be) all alone. Again, if your neighbours too face the same problem, you can shape a Resident’s Welfare Association (RWA). These actions can accelerate the process of getting the certificate.

Another point to be noted is that the specialists (authoritative body) can permit you to dwell in a house/building without a certificate of completion, provided a large portion of the development work has been done and there is a chance of finishing the project shortly. This can occur in projects that are stuck for quite a while for reasons unknown or another. You can ask for a provisional completion certificate that is valid for six months. If you don’t get the final certificate after that, you can apply for the same.

How to get a Completion Certificate

By now it should be understood that you can get the certificate only after the house/building is constructed and made available for staying. You can contact the local authority or municipality for the form of a completion certificate. You will also need to submit several other documents like NOC from the Fire department and water supply department, NOC for installing the lift in the structure (if it is a huge building), electricity supply certificate, building completion certificate from the architect or engineer, the approval letter of the building design, structure safety certificate from the technician, and tax receipts of the property. You will also have to submit any other declaration or document if required.

After the documents are submitted, the authority will schedule an inspection to ensure the validity of the documents and to see whether the building has been constructed as per the set norms. If everything goes right, then they will issue the certificate of completion. The whole procedure takes roughly around a month to complete. After that, you are ready to live peacefully in your house, enjoy your own private space and do your work without any disturbance.  

Video for further clarification


Thus, we can say that-

  • A completion certificate is obtained after the building is constructed
  • It is authorised by the local body or municipality or the like
  • It is needed to validate your stay in the house/apartment
  • It helps you sell the property in future

It is no doubt that buying a property is both challenging and tricky. Good research is needed to avoid any kind of unwanted mishaps during or after the property is bought. It is really difficult for a buyer to understand the Real Estate technicalities. But relax! Roodland India is there with you, always. We care for your problems and concerns. We, thus, have a team of experts who can rightly guide you in your way. Roodland India is there to help you deal with Real Estate agents like the seller, developer, builder, etc. You can mail us at contact@roodland.com to get guidance from our experts. Further, you can visit The Real Talks (https://www.therealtalks.in/blog.html), a platform where we bring together people from all fields and post informative articles to enrich you in the field of Real Estate. 


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