Quick and Easy Construction Technique Using GFRG Panels

Sujan Afi S

Built up of your dream home is not easy. It will require a lot of plan and time to construct a building or house. You will require a lot of money to construct your dream house in traditional way. Now in developing and underdeveloped countries where a number of people live below the poverty line, owning a home is quite difficult for many because of their poor economic condition.

Besides in urban areas also lot of people force to live under open sky or in slum just because of heavy cost of houses.

Traditional house construction require a lot of time but when the house of the people destroyed because of the activity of disaster (like earthquake, cyclone, etc.) or when heavy migration take place (may be because of war) within short period of time then houses need to be construct within very short period of time.

Now to solve all these problems solution is discover by GFRG panels.

What is a GFRG panel?

The full form of GFRG is Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum. GFRG panels are also recognised as Rapid Walls because with the help of GFRG panels you can build a house very quickly.

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GFRG panels mainly made up an Australian Company high strength resistant glass fibres bonded with high-density gypsum cement which is invented by an Australian company i.e. GFRG Building System Australia in 1990. Although the project initially started in Australia, several Asian countries like India, Saudi Arabia, Oman, China, etc. adopted this method of building construction.

The purpose of Australian Company GFRG Building System Australia behind the invention of the GFRG panel is to mass scale building construction.

Advantages of GFRG panels

There are a lot of advantages of constructing a house or building with the help of GFRG panels, such as

  1. Fire resistant: The GFRG panels are fire resistant so it ensures fire safety of the building or house. During the time of fire the GFRG panels are able to release 15-20 percent moisture of their own weight which significantly helps against fire.
  2. Earthquake resistant: GFRG panels resist earthquakes upto 8 richter scale.
  3. Economical: Use of GFRG panels reduces construction cost of the building as well overall cost of the house or building.
  4. Less construction time: By using GFRG panels you can save a lot of times for building construction. The overall construction time decreases around 30–40 per cent, mainly because of the fact that here the GFRG panels are already in construction mode and therefore no need for construction of the walls with cement.
  5. Cooler building: Use of GFRG panels keep the house cooler than conventional materials building upto 4ºC.
  6. Increases life span of the building: GFRG panels are very strong and it increases the overall life span of the house. The average lifespan of a house constructed by GFRG panels is around 100 years.
  7. Durability: GFRG panels made up with Gypsum which increases its durability around five times more than conventional materials.
  8. Water resistant: GFRG panels also resistant water which increase its life span.
  9. Light weight: The weight of the building constructed with GFRG panels is around 30 – 40 per cent less than conventional building.
  10. Movable: You can easily move your house which was constructed with GFRG panels but it is not possible for the house which was constructed with conventional materials.
  11. Carpet area: You will get more carpet area in a GFRG panel house than the house constructed with conventional materials for the same built up area.
  12. Less CO2 emission: Houses built up with GFRG panels reduce less CO2.
  13. Less construction cost: The overall construction cost reduces around 50 per cent or more when you go for GFRG panels.
  14. Smooth finishing: GFRG panels give your house a smooth finishing.
  15. No beams or columns: You don’t require heavy beams or columns when you use GFRG panels for the construction of your house.

Disadvantages of GFRG panels

Beside the advantages of GFRG panels there are also some disadvantages of it, like

  1. Stacking: GFRG panels needed to stack vertically to avoid any kinds of distortion, damage, and abrasion.
  2. Cutting: You require specific tools for chopping GFRG panels.
  3. Handling: The handling of GFRG panels should be done with utmost care otherwise it could cause damages to the panels as well as your house.
  4. Delivery: During the time of loading and unloading on track for delivery of GFRG panels, utmost care should be taken to avoid damages or cracks.
  5. High rise building construction: With the use of GFRG panels you can construct a building limited to 8-10 storeyed buildings. But you can’t construct a modern high rise building with the help of GFRG panels.
  6. Require heavy skill labour: You require specific and heavy skill labours for the installation of GFRG panels and availability of this kind of skill labour is poor.
  7. Less availability of GFRG panels: You will not get GFRG panels everywhere, mainly in limited urban areas of India you can expect it.
  8. Require more space while construct: To construct a building with GFRG panels you will require cranes which create a demand of sufficient open space for the construction of a house with GFRG panels. 
  9. Complexity: Construction of a house with GFRG panels is quite complex because of its unique internal design as well as set up. 
  10. Transportation: You will require to transport the GFRG panels very carefully otherwise it can damage the panels.
  11. Circular or curved shape wall: It is not possible to construct a circular or curved shape wall with GFRG panels.
  12. Limitation of clear span or free space around the residential building: The clear span or free space around the residential building is limited to 5m for the house constructed with GFRG panels.
  13. Requirement of cranes: You will require cranes for construction of a house with GFRG panels, mainly to lift the panels and set them in their right position.


Although there are advantages as well as disadvantages behind the construction of a house with GFRG panels but the discussion indicates that advantages transcend the disadvantages. In our country where a great portion of people live to force under open sky or in kutcha houses, there GFRG panels bring hopes for many. Especially when houses are broken in disasters then with the help of GFRG panel people can ensure their shelter very quickly.

Finally it can be said that in a highly populous country like India where people live below poverty level and force to spend most of their savings to construct their houses there GFRG panels surely reduces their financial burden to build up their houses.


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