Which City is Best for Settlement After Retirement?

Sujan Afi S

It is always desirable to have a happy ending to all our stories. Who wants his/her story to have a chaotic ending? Since my childhood, my grandma used to tell me stories of her life. I used to listen to her mesmerized. Since then I want to have a perfect ending to my story also. But the reality can be very different.

Why? Because you might have to live in a very busy city for the kind of job that you do. You might not feel happy to stay in the city that you live in because your placement is in that city.

So, what you can do is settle in a very different city after your retirement!

Now, the question is which city should you settle in? The answer is very simple. Settle in the city that best suits your purpose!

To be very practical, you should consider certain factors before you settle in a city. Safety and security, healthcare services, entertainment zones, the price of houses, etc. are some of the things that come foremost on the list.

Let’s discuss them in detail

  • Safety and security: Each one of us wants to have a secure life. Right? No matter what we do all day long, a few hours of sound sleep is all we want at the end of the day. Would you get peace of mind to sleep if the city you live in is not safe to live in? No, right? Thus, consider the aspect of security while shifting to a new city.
  • Healthcare services: Imagine that someone offers you a big bungalow to live in. But the property is situated in a very remote area where there are no hospitals or any healthcare centres. Will you live there? Even if you agree to live in the bungalow, what if any of your family members fall ill all of a sudden? The situation would turn very critical. So, it is always advisable to have a thorough check of the healthcare facilities of the city that you choose to settle in after retirement.
  • Price of the property: The price of the property differs with the location. It differs with the change of cities and even within a city. Thus, it would be better if you consult a local real estate agent before you buy a property. He/she will be able to guide you properly and you can have a safe deal. He/she can also guide you in the paperwork involved in the dealing.
  • Entertainment and recreation zones: You will have much time to spend quality time with yourself and your family after you retire. So, choose a city that has several places to roam about! Each place has its individuality. So, choose that location that suits your personality and liking. For instance, if you are fond of beaches then you can choose to live in Puri, Goa, Digha, etc.

Well, after the above discussion, it should be clear to you which city you want to live in. Still, I would suggest a few names.

  1. Ahmedabad: It is a beautiful city will good amenities and services. The city is considered to have proper security. The cost of living is low too. Further, the city offers you great business opportunities. Thus, you can start a new business after retirement!
  2. Bangalore: Bangalore can also be a good option for settlement after retirement. It not only provides you with a clean and serene atmosphere but also good healthcare services. The security of the city is also quite good.
  3. Hyderabad: If you are a person who loves to visit different places, Hyderabad can be a good option for you to settle. The city offers you several historical places to visit and spend a good time with your family. The city offers you good healthcare facilities too.
  4. Pune: Pune can also be a great option to settle in after retirement. It has pleasant weather and greenery all around the city. Thus, the level of pollution is low. Besides offering you several vacation locations the city also offers you the low living costs in some areas.

In Summary

A calm and serene atmosphere, clean air to breathe in, and the chirping of birds are all we want after a certain period. After all, we work for more than half of our lives to have a peaceful life after retirement. Well, this is all for today.

I hope that I have been able to help you to some extent in deciding on the city that you would like to settle in after you retire.

Still, you can always contact us and share your views with our experts. Drop a mail at info@roodland.com to book an appointment at the earliest!

Trust me, Roodland provides you with the best guidance and you won’t regret your decision of consulting with us.


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