Interior Designing in Houses

Sujan Afi S


House is not only for stay it is your dream place also. No matter whatever the budget but people wants to design the interior of the house as per their wish and requirement. Interior designer helps a lot for interior designing of a house. Beside developer and architect the role of interior designer is very important in proper planning of the interior space of your house. 

What is interior designing?

Interior designing simply refers to the art and science of enhancing the interior space of a house or building. Interior design helps a lot to create a healthy and aesthetically pleasant environment within the interior space of a house or building. It also maintain the safety of the house. Interior designing helps to shape the experience of the person which one receive from the inside of the house. Interior designing largely reflect the culture, life-style, behaviour, and requirement etc. of the inhabitants. It helps to increase the potential use of the interior spaces of a house with keeping relationship of the requirement and aesthetic views of the inhabitants. The interior structure of a house largely depends on interior designing. Interior designing is applicable both for commercial building and residential house, such as – office, restaurant, library, hotel, hospital, theatre, personal house, and residential flat etc. The role of interior designer is to supervising and execution of architectural interiors of the houses and also their furnishings. Interior designer are closely works with the architect. The interior designer must have good taste and creativity of colour, materials, space planning, and furniture etc.

Why interior designing is important?

Interior designing is a very important part for a house because it ensure the optimize use of the interior space of a house along with that it reflects the personality, life style and taste etc. of the owner of the house. The important reasons behind interior designing in a house are mentioned below:

  • It adds functionality to the interior place of a house.
  • It helps to fit the interior space with the life-style of the inhabitants.
  • Increase the aesthetic quality of the interior.
  • Increase the safety of the house or building.
  • Interior designing of a house also recognise as a long term cost savings way.
  • Help to maintain and manage the interior space.
  • Optimise the use of interior space.
  • Increase the resale value of the house.
  • Enhance the mood of the inhabitants.
  • Enabling the use of interior space for aging and disable person.

Types of interior designing styles

There a number of interior designing styles, such as –

  1. Modern Interior Design
  2. Contemporary Interior Design
  3. Art Moderne Interior Design
  4. Mid-Century Interior Design
  5. Minimalist Interior Design
  6. Scandinavian Interior Design
  7. Shabby Chic Interior Design Style
  8. Eclectic Interior Design
  9. Industrial Interior Design
  10. Farmhouse Interior Design

Steps of interior designing

Here we are going to discuss about various steps of interior designing of a house which will help you a lot to plan your home interior designing with ease and comfort.

Step 1: Understand the space of interior and your requirement: In the very first step of interior designing you need to understand very carefully about the interior space and its requirement. In this step you should clarify some questions, like – how many number of people live in the house? What is the main purpose of designing? What is the prime requirement of space?

Step 2: Plan the budget: You should plan your interior designing according to your budget. There various parts of interior designing like floor types, wall designing, colour, and furniture etc. and you should plan each sections according with your budget.

Step 3: Designing Development: It is the main step of interior designing process where you should very carefully design the interior architecture with the touch of your creativeness and space planning ideas. The uses and requirement of interior space largely influenced the designing development.

Step 4: Plan electrical and plumbing points: In this step you should go for a proper planning of electrical and plumbing points of interior space which helps to increase the aesthetic values of interior space.

Step 5: False celling designing and floor designing: False celling designing, floor designing, selecting the floor materials like carpet etc. is very important in interior designing of a house which can be done in this step.

Step 6: Wood work and furniture: The position and shape of wood work and furniture largely influenced the use of interior space as well as its aesthetic value. Therefore it consider to be an important part of interior designing of a house and you should do the proper planning for wood work and furniture in this step.

Step 7: Colour: Choosing colour for the interior space is important which reflect the taste of the owner and you plan it in this step.

Step 8: Check the finishing: In the last stage you should carefully check the finishing work whether the interior designing works are fulfilling your taste, beauty sense, and requirement etc.


Home is not just a place but your dream place. A good interior designing of a house make your home as your dream place. Therefore, don’t rush take your time and go through proper planning before starting interior designing process. If your budget support then it will be better for you to hire experience and reputed interior designer for your house. A good interior designing also ensure the safety of your house and may turn your home as heaven.


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