How to Ensure the Quality of Construction as A Homebuyer?

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Today several developers of the real estate market are competing to offer various residential units at lucrative prices, thus it becomes necessary for the home buyer to ensure the quality of construction. Being a homebuyer and planning to invest in an under-construction project, checking and estimating the quality of construction of the project ought to be one of the significant tasks to be done. While investing in such a property, it is better to make a surprise visit to the building site and check the quality of construction.

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Tips to ensure the quality of construction for homebuyers

  1.  Soil investigation

The soil type and soil quality of the building site is very essential. The type of soil differs from one spot to another and decides if it can bear the foundation of a high-rise structure. Clay-rich soil and black cotton soil are instances of certain types of soils that are not recommended for development and construction as they tend to expand, swell and shrink relying on moisture or water. A soil test is done before the construction process starts.

  1.  Determine the structural design

Being a layman, it could be challenging for you to comprehend the structural layout of the building properly. Take the assistance of an expert to determine the plan made by the architect. It is essential to evaluate the property completely for the strength to resist an earthquake of a specific magnitude.

  1.  Check the quality of fittings and fixtures

Focus on the minute and little details while investigating the quality of construction of a home. For example, the fittings and fixtures of a new home decide the level of solace and comfort of the homebuyer, so while you are at the house, go around and check if all switches and electric circuit framework used are of good quality and guarantee smooth working of the house is necessary.

  1.  Check the quality of the concrete mix

A builder should guarantee that they use the best quality concrete mix for building, increasing the quality of construction. You can make a quality check on the concrete used for construction just by driving a nail into the wall. If the nail gets pounded effectively inside easily, it implies that the concrete quality isn’t sufficient.

  1.  Ensure the plaster

While checking a home’s construction quality, you should check if there are any cracks on the wall plaster. Normally, all home buyers tend to overlook. Most houses might have breaks in the corners or lower parts of the walls, which might be concealed under a layer of paint, and this quality check is particularly significant assuming that you are purchasing an aged property.

  1.  Check wall thickness

Visit the construction site to check if the builder follows the wall thickness as made in the layout agreement, or not. You can check the wall by using any key and pressing it against the wall, if you can make a hole with the key then the materials used are of low quality. Also, by tapping with your knuckles, you can check the hollowness of the wall.

  1. Check for safety features

Check the security measures taken by the builder, for example, resistance from the earthquake, emergency evacuation, or fire exit. Check the size and space of the flight of stairs. It ought to be wide enough for two individuals to run close by, in times of emergency.

  1.  Check the elevators

There have been situations where lifts have fallen in structures, either because of lack of maintenance or improper installation. Check for the permit and maintenance of lifts and elevators as taken by the developer. Likewise, check for the lift proportion in the residential project. Normally, three lifts and one service lift are ideal for a single tower. Do check for its ability as well, particularly in the case of tall structures as obliging more individuals in a single trip ought to be capable.

  1.  Ensure the quality of bathroom fittings and sanitaryware

The most ideal way to make a quality check for sanitary ceramics and other hardware, for example, toilets, washbasins, or bidets is to take a look at its general shape. Great quality fittings will generally be agreeable to utilize. Check for cracks by tenderly tapping it – a raspy sound could mean breaks, and aside from this, check whether the mounting surface is smooth or not. For washroom fittings, check the water stream, the speed, and so on. 

  1.  Take help from a third-party agency

Try not to avoid looking for third-party assistance. Numerous organizations can assist you with doing a quality check before you consent to the agreement papers, as these inspection agencies charge based on the sq ft region of the house. Visiting the building site and reviewing the walls genuinely with the assistance of a trusted architect can be the easiest method for looking at the quality of construction of the building.

Final Words

You might go over numerous nice properties or homes accessible at reasonable rates, however, you shouldn’t get walloped and buy without checking specific quality standards. Living in a low-quality construction home could seriously jeopardize your life!

Hope these construction quality checking tips are valuable and informative enough to assist you with settling on an informed decision while purchasing a house. Now it’s your chance to pick a decent builder in your area and begin searching for your dream residence.


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