Going Back to The Old Days. Going Green!!!

Sujan Afi S


The supreme power has given us a beautiful world to live in. Mother Nature has embraced her children wholeheartedly. She has for us everything we need, everything we desire, be it food, clothing, shelter, etc. There was a time when we lived in the lap of Nature. We loved her and she loved us in return. However, with time, the desires of human beings changed. They wanted more and more, more luxury, more comfort, more pleasure. Thus, they started to exploit nature as per their requirement. 

We have arrived in an age where we don’t know existence without advancement. We became accustomed to it, and step by step, our progression has become the primary motivation behind our existence. Individuals have found everything conceivable, from machines to development to food to apparel to nearly everything. We have utilized every material we can imagine, and we have depleted Mother Nature.

This exploitation has resulted in disbalance in nature. Thus, we get to hear about global warming and other such issues. This alarming situation has compelled human beings to rethink and re-strategize their ways of living! Human beings have recently started to consider Nature as something that they can utilise but not exploit. Several initiatives have been taken. 

The world celebrates Environment Day, etc. 

India has also considered this alarming situation with seriousness. Several campaigns are held to spread awareness among the citizens about the importance of nature in the life of human beings. People are being aware. They have taken several initiatives to live in harmony with nature. Hence, arises the concept of eco-community. 

Eco communities are little, independent networks that live from and for their regular environmental elements. There are more than 10,000 ecovillages on the planet. They are mostly situated in the rural areas where their occupants fabricate social orders based on sustainable power sources and environmental materials.

However, the architects, builders, developers, etc. have also started considering this concept and have started employing it in their building plans too. The architects design their building keeping in mind the nature and its resources which are found within 5 km. in which the building or house is being constructed. We know that nature beautifies the space where it is. Hence, the eco-communities are naturally wonderful and pleasant to the eyes of the people residing in that particular residential community. Maximum use of natural products is being used in the construction. For instance, Kota stones are used for flooring instead of tiles. These stones are quite cheap in comparison to marbles, tiles, and the like. Hence, they are more economical too. Again, hollow bricks are also being used. The use of hollow bricks regulates the temperature quite well. Even if it is 40°C outside your house, you can have a pleasant atmosphere inside your house. Thus, the use of AC is minimised! All these urge the residents of the community to step out of their artificial environment and embrace the natural habitat that is present in the eco-community. 

All these help people live in harmony with nature. Further, they remain healthy too. With the right eco-accommodating items, you can push ahead with certainty knowing that you’re not making any damage to the environment. Living in a green local area gives an abundance of advantages to you, including further developed wellbeing and prosperity, morality, decreased energy expenses and clear air. Further, the inhabitants benefit from lower CO2 emanations, diminished feelings of anxiety, increased wellness and general improved psychological well-being. The Eco community depends on biodegradable and recyclable materials for structures, parks, etc. which diminishes their carbon impression and brings down energy utilization. It also ensures that there is less dust in society. It is a network that doesn’t rely on external sources for food, energy, or fundamental assets. Utilizing food gardens, solar power, and other elective means the architects creates for you an adequate number of assets inside to support yourself endlessly.


Eco community is a good concept that is emerging recently. It helps both the environment and its people to live in harmony. I hope that I have been able to give you a brief idea of the eco-community and its benefits for you. Still, if you want any further clarification you can contact us at info@roodland.com. We have a dedicated team of experts who are ready to guide you in a positive direction. Further, you can visit The Real Talks to read more such interesting blogs on real estate.


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