First Underwater Metro Tunnel in Kolkata

Sujan Afi S

The city of ‘Kolkata’ is one of the major metropolitan cities in India where India’s first underwater metro tunnel has been constructed. Metro Railway, Kolkata is India’s first metro and now it offers us India’s first underwater metro tunnel!

The construction of the underwater metro tunnel is under the Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRCL) and is a part of the East-West Metro line project. The tunnel is run beneath the Hooghly River for the purpose of connectivity between the two busy cities of the state, i.e., Kolkata and Howrah.

As the underwater metro tunnel is a matter of discussion now-a-days, therefore, we have tried to cover some important details about it. We hope that the blog becomes enlightening for you!

Details About First Underwater Metro Tunnel in Kolkata

  1. Length: The total length of the underwater metro tunnel is around 520 m.
  2. Constructing authority: The construction authority of the tunnel is Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRCL).
  3. Project cost: When the project was launched in 2009 the approximate cost was Rs 4900 crore for 14 km but due to delay and extension of track length the budget of the project has increased to Rs 8600 crore.
  4. Safety: Various kinds of safety measures have been taken for the underwater metro tunnel. For example, walkways beside the metro track in the underwater metro tunnel can be used during an emergency for the evacuation of passengers.
  5. Aim of the project: The main aim of the project is to reduce the travel time and traffic in the capital city of Kolkata. This underwater metro tunnel might successfully reduce the overall pressure on Howrah Bridge too.
  1. Estimated year of starting operation: The estimated year of starting of operation is 2023.
  2. Name of the river: The river under which the tunnel has been constructed is the Hooghly River.
  3. Project name: The name of the project under which the underwater tunnel has been constructed is East-West Metro.
  4. Width of the tunnel: The width of the tunnel is around 5.5 m.
  5. Connecting cities: The tunnel connects two major cities of the state, i.e., Howrah and Kolkata.
  6. Speed of the train under the tunnel: The average speed of the metro train in the tunnel is expected to be 80 km per hour.
  7. Crossing time of the tunnel: It is expected that people will reach Howrah to Kolkata by crossing the tunnel in just 1 minute.

To Summarize

The underwater metro tunnel will provide the passengers with a unique experience of travelling. It will add to the pride of Kolkata. The heavy traffic jam of Kolkata, especially around Howrah Bridge, will reduce drastically. Time is the most precious gift to us.

If that is saved, what more can we ask for! Thus, the underwater metro tunnel is a great initiative and a great help for the common people. 

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