Dealing with A Real Estate International Client Is Easy!

Sujan Afi S


Negotiating any kind of deal is an art that needs to be learnt with perfection. It requires time and, most importantly, patience. Negotiating an overseas real estate deal or international real estate deal is more complicated than negotiating a domestic real estate deal.

Negotiating a real estate deal includes both the parties of buyer and seller. While the seller wants maximum profit. The buyer wants the best deal. Therefore, in the process of negotiating they reach a middle point to complete a successful deal. That is, both the parties have their gains, and, they make some compromises too. This is what’s most important. You need to value others too! You need to consider some points while you negotiate an international real estate deal. In this article, we will go through some crucial points that need to be kept in mind when you negotiate an overseas real estate deal. 

Factors for negotiating a successful overseas or international real estate deal

To negotiate a successful overseas/international real estate deal you should follow some important points such as –

  1. Observe the body language minutely: If you are the seller then you should observe the body language of the buyer to know what he wants from you. In the case of overseas or international real estate deals body language is more important to know the expectation of the other party. Why? Simply because you will not know the person very well. Further, the culture and language being different, the body language is the perfect medium to know the expectation of the other party from the deal. Once you know what is expected from you, then negotiating the deal becomes easy.
  1. Overcome the language barrier: Language is important for expressing yourself. In the case of overseas or international real estate deals, the barrier of language is quite common. You may appoint a translator to overcome the problem!
  1. Know the Culture: For successful negotiation regarding an overseas or international real estate deal, you should try to understand the culture of the client. With the change of culture, the taste and requirements of the client will also change significantly. Therefore, before negotiating an overseas or international real estate deal you should study the cultural background of the client. 
  1. Be prepared before negotiation: Before the negotiation, you should have a clear idea regarding the price at which you want to sell the property, the location, your limitations, etc. To increase the trust of the client you need to be prepared before negotiation. If you are not well prepared then good negotiating will not be possible. The client should not feel uneasy with you, neither should you feel uneasy while dealing with him/her.
  1. International laws: It is very important to know the details of the international laws for the successful completion of an overseas or international real estate deal. You may appoint an international lawyer for this purpose. 
  1. Research well: Before starting the process of negotiation both the buyer and the seller need to research well about the real estate property. Negotiating an overseas real estate deal is an art. For successful negotiation, you should research well about the client.
  1. Be respectful: Kind behaviour plays a very important role in increasing the trust of the client which ultimately provokes the client for successful completion of the deal.
  1. Always be to provide good offers: You should provide several options and offer when negotiating an overseas or international real estate deal. The focus should be given to increasing the number of options and offering to place yourself in a better position while negotiating.
  1. Add creativeness: Adding any kind of creativeness like communicating with postal letters etc. is very important to build the trust of the client while dealing with an overseas or international real estate deal.
  1. Offer close to the market value: Your offer should be close to the market value. Try not to make a lowball offer especially in an overseas or international real estate deal. A lowball offer will destroy the trust and things can turn worse in that case! 


Negotiating an overseas or international real estate deal is a complicated job. Remember that being very professional might not be desirable at times. Again, you might find people who like to be very professional. These things depend on the clients. Thus, try to know the person at first. Try to understand their needs and desires. Then go for the deal. Also, you might take the help of a professional real estate agent by contacting Roodland India. They offer the best to you. They understand your needs and suggest the best for you. They explain to you the places you might be wrong while making a deal. So, what are you waiting for? Mail us at We promise to get back to you with the best possible suggestion at the earliest. 


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