All About UNR: the Platform Where Real Estate Meets NFT Market

Sujan Afi S


Although investors consider real estate as one of the profitable investment sectors, there are some barriers in traditional real estate sectors, especially for international real estate market investment. The system Unirealchain (UNR) has been formed to omit this kind of problem in real estate investment through the process of tokenization of the real estate market. UNR helps to remove all the barriers in the investment in the international real estate market. The investment and earning opportunities in the real estate market is increased manyfold times today with the application of UNR. It is like a platform where the Real Estate (RE) meets the NFT market. It helps to form the emergence of modern and borderless real estate investment on a globalized scale. Thus, we should have a brief idea about UNR before we think of investing in a real estate property. So, in this blog, the prime focus is given on the discussion of Unirealchain (UNR) in real estate!

What is UNR?

Unirealchain (UNR) acts as a solution to the modern real estate market which helps to overcome all problems of the traditional real estate market through the process of digitization and tokenization of real estate properties and market. UNR uses blockchain technology to help in the digitization and fractionalization of real estate investment projects. It aims to facilitate a safe, transparent, and reliable environment for global as well as regional investors.

With the help of UNR, the process of buying and selling various regional and international real estate properties has now become very easy. It increases the rate of digitization of assets on the blockchain platform. All kinds of legal and regulatory obstacles faced by investors while going to invest in the RE market (especially due to the time of international real estate investment) have vanished after the appearance of UNR. UNR also helps in crowdfunding services for various project investors or initiators in RE intending to raise the capital to complete the project quickly and without any complications. The UNR system has provided various services to the investors of the RE market with minimal cost. At the same time, it has also committed to excluding cumbersome procedures to provide services.

What Are the Features of UNR?

Alright, by now we have some idea of what UNR is. So, let’s have a look at some of the features of UNR. The important features of Unirealchain (UNR) are mentioned below:

  1. Asset digitization: UNR promotes the digitalization of various real estate assets. It helps to convert various real estate projects to tokens based on their project value. The investors will be able to buy these tokens as many as they wish, each token corresponding to a share of the property.
  2. Fractionalizing to invest: The system of UNR provides the facility of Fractionalizing to invest. In this way, the retail investors have got the chance of easy access to high-value properties. 
  3. Crowdfunding: UNR helps in the Crowdfunding of various real estate projects.
  4. Instant transactions: The feature of Instant transactions is available in UNR.
  5. Lower Fees: UNR helps to reduce various fees (listing fees, connection fees, etc.) for the sellers as well as buyers for RE investors.
  6. Digital Signature: UNR allows the digital signature of the buyer or seller in the completion of a RE contract of buying or selling of RE properties.
  7. Public and Transparent: All kinds of RE business through the UNR platform are made in a transparent, easy, safe, and smart way where the records are saved on the blockchain.

How Does Unirealchain Ecosystem Works?

Now it seems important to explain how the UNR system works. All the users of UnirealPortal can access the details of various RE projects’ documents like information, location, status, and cash flow. All the details of the project are updated very quickly on the online portal. As a result, the users of UnirealPortal can access and enjoy almost real-time data.

During the first two years of Unirealchain, there is no service cost for the users, which means that at that time the users can access all kinds of RE project data for free. At that time the Unirealchain mainly focusses on the collection of several real estate data. After the completion of the collection of sufficient RE data and the connection to the government real estate portal, it charges fees for its users.

Before listing, all details of the RE project are carefully evaluated and verified by Unirealchain’s team of experts. Once the process of evaluation and verification is completed then the project owner will be able to sign a contract to digitize and list the project on UnirealEx.

Profit From Real Estate Investment on Unirealchain’s Platforms

There are two sources of generating profits for the investors who invest on Unirealchain’s platforms: real estate price increase and leasing. When a RE project ensures good profits on behalf of investors, Unirealchain would take the profit. One important thing to be noted is that Unirealchain is not a broker and here all the investment properties are purchased directly by Unirealchain from the project owner or through reputable brokers.

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On a Final Note

The international real estate investment on Unirealchain’s platforms is quite easy. It provides several advantages to real estate investors. Besides increasing the transparency and ease of doing business, it helps to overcome all the limitations of the traditional real estate market system. 

I hope that I have been able to give you a brief idea about UNR. Nevertheless, if you have further queries, you can mail us at


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