5 Things to Know as a Real Estate Influencer: Beginner’s Guide!

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The real estate industry is set to experience great challenges with the emergence of new technologies and growing market demands.  Over the years, it has played a vital role in creating an impact on the markets and economies around the world, leading to higher investments and booming profits. This creates the need for designing and implementing well-defined marketing strategies to create awareness among the target audience about the company or project. 

Social Media is a goldmine for real estate agents who wish to put on the influencers’ hat, providing a myriad of opportunities.  An influencer possesses the power and expertise to influence people’s buying decisions, advising them to select one product over the other. According to The Influencer Report, more than 50% of consumers are likely to buy products and services recommended by their favorite influencers. This highlights the importance of influencer marketing for any business and why you should become one today! 

If you are a content creator and looking to establish yourself as a Real Estate Influencer, these strategies are sure to help you

Find a Niche

It is essential to narrow down a specific niche and master it. Beginning a Real Estate journey may sound challenging at first, but a sustainable career is only possible if you give undivided attention to one market segment initially.

A well-researched market strategy in your niche will help you stand out from the crowd along with generating better results. For this specialize in a certain type of property, demographic, or location. 

Your first step towards a successful Real Estate influencer is achieved. 

Content Strategy 

Customers may be the king, but the content is the driving force! As a Real Estate Influencer, you should not be limited to selling off your listings but rather, be focused on building a high-quality lifestyle that people wish to replicate. This is evident in many Real Estate influencers who have built a great business out of their lifestyle on social media. 

Spend enough time in strategizing thoughtful content that grabs attention and your efforts will fetch you great rewards and a reputation in the long term. The key is to be consistent whether it’s a blog, photos, or videos. 

Social Media Platforms  

Your influencer journey is incomplete without understanding the potential Instagram and Facebook hold. Utilize it to the best of your efforts to leverage your brand image. With a lower attention span and increased demand for differentiation, these are the right platforms to get creative and expand your reach. 

Real Estate has changed significantly with the emergence of social media platforms. Earlier, buyers visited the MLS or simply looked for an individual brokerage’s website for listings, but now this information is just a scroll away on our social media handles. This has helped Real Estate agents in capturing the attention of clients in entirely new demographics, including buyers who were not in direct reach of the business.   

Video Marketing 

Videos are the new trend in content marketing and have proven to be quite effective. It causes a shift from the traditional ways of distributing content by providing something authentic to look at. They are fun, genuine, and add a degree of reality to the business. 

How to effectively use video marketing as a Real Estate Influencer? 

  • Share property tours 

Social media is often dominated by professionally shot images and posting a video will help you stand out from the massive amount of content available on the internet. It will also give your followers a sense of the space and flow of the property. 

  • Engage with your audience

As an influencer, people rely on your recommendations. Use this opportunity to educate your followers on what you find best in properties and how it can be worth their value and time. Also, give them tips and tricks that are often overlooked while searching. This reflects your professionalism as a Real Estate Influencer and adds to your credibility.  

  • Industry and Market news 

The Real Estate market is constantly evolving irrespective of where you are located. As an influencer and Real Estate agent, you need to be an active participant in the industry. Provide your followers with real-time updates, advice, or industry reports to make them feel included and aware. 

Check your Analytics

Always keep an eye on your analytics to understand how one form of content is performing better than the others. It helps you in understanding your audiences’ level of engagement with your content. This way you can get a clear picture of your followers’ interests and formulate better strategies for them in the future. There are certain key metrics you must monitor to track user experience: 

  • Click-through Rate: Do you have a website or link attached to your posts? 

The Click-through rate helps you in understanding how many visitors clicked on these links to read more. 

  • Comments and Shares: Comments and Shares are way more important than likes as they suggest what people are talking about. 

Based on the insights given by these analytics and a few more, tweak your content and get better results. 


Lifestyle is the key component that today’s generation of home buyers yearn for and projecting it with the right message can work wonders for you in Real Estate. One key takeaway is to let Real Estate be only a part of the large lifestyle that you sell to your audience. 

The stakes are high and content creation is reaching new heights, in such a case becoming a successful real estate influencer is no child’s play, but will certainly be a rewarding journey in the long run. One content piece at a time and you will see how your audience grows slowly and steadily. The gradual shift from chasing leads to now attracting them will change the way you do business forever!


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