How to Make Big Money as a Graphic Designer for a Real Estate Agency?

Zainab Shabbir Z

Every industry is dominated by a few big and small players, each competing to maximize their market share. The real estate industry, too, has a very high scale of competition which makes the presence of graphic designing necessary for realtors.

Today, the importance of visual communication cannot be overstated. It is key in building a brand name for any business and if you meet a realtor looking to fast pace their real estate business, nothing can work better than graphic designing to give them that added velocity. 

Graphic design is almost everywhere around us, encapsulating every visual aspect of our lives. This also makes it a highly popular skill and career to follow.

The main purpose of graphic design is to attract the audience through visual media and compel them to take action. If being a successful graphic designer is what you wish to be, this blog is all about it! 

As a graphic designer, you may choose to specialise in one or more categories such as package design, layout design, branding and logo design, or even typography and since graphic designers are always in demand, there are tons of opportunities for you out there. 

Dealing with real estate clients may be particularly difficult because the requirements of these clients are different from those in other industries. To begin with, understand the basics of the real estate industry such as what should be necessarily present on each of their websites, postcards, flyers, etc.

The difference between an established real estate agency and a merely surviving firm is how they represent themselves online. In this modern age, we have all given up on physically hunting for houses and an astounding number of millennials rely on gadgets for purchasing.

Therefore, any realtor or agency is most likely to find their clients online which makes it important to have an updated website with recent pictures and videos. 

But if you’re wondering how to make it big as a graphic designer in this industry, we have compiled a list of things that can help you: 


Unarguably, the most profitable way for graphic designers to earn is by creating and selling templates. These could be posters, invitations, logos, or just Pinterest graphics that are easily customizable. Your target audience can be small real estate businesses or real estate bloggers who don’t always have the time or skillset to create their designs from scratch.  

After creating a good number of templates, market them extensively so that they reach the right audience. 


It is best to provide information in the easiest way it can be consumed and what better way than infographics! Economic and effective, infographics are popular in generating a good amount of traffic to web pages. When used as a form of marketing, it also boasts good conversion rates. Infographics work particularly well because they bring out the visual element in the data which states that the person knows what they are talking about.  

So if you already have an awesome logo, a modern website, and great property brochures, try experimenting with infographics. 


One thing the pandemic has taught us is that learning never stops. Online learning is an effective way to engage an audience and turn them into future clients. If graphic designing is what you love then study more about it and share your knowledge through workshops and webinars with the audience around the world. Sell access to your online courses or training sessions even if it’s just the basics! You will be surprised to know the number of people waiting to learn from you. 


Becoming a design consultant essentially means selling an hour or two of your time to someone who wants your opinions and ideas on graphic design for their own business. It also requires you to possess a high level of knowledge and expertise in this field to coach and advise potential designers, so that they can work in the right direction under your guidance. 

These are some ways you can establish yourself as a real estate graphic designer and earn a good living.  

It is best to keep certain guidelines in mind before beginning your graphic design journey: 

  • Undoubtedly, graphic designing has a lot to do with the designer’s skill set, specializations, education, etc. but to make good money, it is advisable to create a fixed-price package rather than charging an hourly rate for your services. This not only helps you in accounting for all the expenses that may be incurred during the process but also helps your clients in estimating their total costs. 
  • It is also a good idea to let your clients know about the number of revisions that would be provided in the design to avoid being taken advantage of. It is advisable to make a contract and have it mentioned there.  
  • Be realistic about what your goals are and what you can accomplish. Hold yourself true to your deadlines and agreements. Always keep your clients updated with the latest happenings in the project and most importantly, keep a track of all your incomes and expenses. This way it will be easier to measure your progress. 
  • Stay on top of what’s popular so you can create the best and most appealing graphics for your clients. Take help of the millions of educational tools available online to get yourself started and the various job boards can help you in acquiring potential clients.  

In Summary

Graphic designing is the work of a creative mind. Through graphic designing, we can establish an emotional connection with the audience and achieve a unique identity that is sure to stay with them for a long time. Thus, a good design is effective in building trust for a real estate business.

Graphic designers are important in this field as they can fit everything correctly by designing flyers, banners, logos that will help establish and represent a brand’s identity among people. Thus, a professional graphic designer can help your business in several ways.

In a nutshell, designing is all about experimenting with different font types, colour elements, and using relevant imagery to convey the subject matter.

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