How an Interior Designer Can Help You Sell More Homes

Zainab Shabbir Z

It may seem that interior design and real estate may not have much in common but what if we told you these two industries fit quite well together and play an important role in each other’s worlds. Interior design is becoming increasingly recognized in the real estate world today. 

Real estate is all about uniting buyers with their dream homes or introducing businesses to a perfect premise. Whereas, interior designing is a way of inducing creativity and innovation in a world full of rising demands for personalization and focused attention.

No day is the same for an interior designer or a real estate agent. They are well-equipped for the challenges each industry holds, whether it’s the earning potential or long working hours.

However, interior design is more than just beautifying spaces. It also requires extensive education in fields of architecture, computer design, and fine arts among others. Candidates with an interior design background are at an advantage and if utilized correctly, can lead to a truly rewarding career.

On seizing the right opportunity, one would have to give time to precisely understand the requirements of each client and deliver them exactly.

To understand what makes an interior designer crucial to the real estate industry and why working with one is an added benefit, here are some points

An Eye for Detail 

Interior designers can identify unique features in a property and give tips on how to make the best use of any space. Interior professionals are also likely to see better options in any given property which can convince a client otherwise unwilling. They are great listeners and observers who can paint words into a picture client will love. 

People’s Person 

It’s not just the “eye” that makes them special, they have years of experience in realizing the potential of a place and the expertise to turn it into a desirable home making them a genius like no other. Interior designers who are passionate about their work form lifelong bonds with their clients who come from all walks of life. This gives you as a realtor, a competitive edge in the marketplace. You can always count on them to manage the assignment from top to bottom. 

Assisting Buyers 

Great properties can be overlooked if their true potential is not realized. Interior designers can give ideas to realtors on increasing a home’s value through upgrades. The world of real estate can be extremely daunting especially for home buyers and interior designers can assist buyers alike, in understanding the bigger picture. They can encourage clients and realtors to take certain design risks while experimenting and not stress about high-end upgrades. When the result is inspiring, it’s a win-win for all! 

Expert Advice 

Interior professionals are sound in structural experience i.e. they can easily point out land erosion or suggest a licensed professional for help. In a nutshell, they can tell clients what’s worth it and what can be a pass. They will also happily recommend the best and most trusted local shops to home buyers seeking a design refresh.  

Renovation Techniques 

Renovation holds great value in real estate. Interior designers use simple ways to increase a home’s market value. The main trick is to always focus and upgrade the kitchens and bathrooms. When a professional real estate agent and an interior designer join hands, they can certainly add more techniques. Interior designers are skilled in bringing to life the ideas and visions of their clients.  

Before hiring an interior designer, ask yourself these questions

  • Are they specialized in a certain design style and does it appeal to your property market? 
  • Do they hold any real estate qualifications? This can be a big plus point and increases their chances of getting hired. Some may even hold a real estate license which means they might know about the laws governing your areas of interest. 
  • What are their educational qualifications in interior designing? 
  • Do they have an impressive portfolio of past clients? This proves their credibility as a designer and what special they can bring to the table.

In Summary

Interior designers are skilled professionals who have a knack for implementing a great design. Their designs enhance the beauty, functionalities, and overall look that a property carries to appeal the guests instantly. They can dazzle your home with statement chandeliers and high-contrast colour palettes or suggest lighter hues for a more ancient home vibe. 

Real estate and interior design go hand in hand. Together they can find and create perfect spaces for their clients. Always look for a designer that matches your style and your client’s home structuring requirements. A large part of being a successful interior designer depends on the quality of work which paves the way forward from past clients to future ones. 

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