Why is My House Not Selling?

Kishan Thakkar K

You’ve finally decided to put your house on the market. You’ve been waiting for years, and now that you’re finally ready to move on, you want to find the perfect buyer as soon as possible. But, as you’ve quickly learned, finding a buyer isn’t as simple as you thought it would be.

Selling the house in the market can be tedious and time-consuming job. It’s frustrating but it might just mean your approach needs to be broad and diversified. 

The first thing you need to do is find a good real estate agent who can help you sell your home. But even after you’ve found one, there are other things you need to do in order to get the most value out of your home.

You need to make sure that your home is in the best possible condition. You also need to make sure that the home is priced correctly. There are many reasons why your home isn’t selling. 

Below are some of the reasons.

Reason 1: The Price is Unrealistic

The wrong pricing of the house is the most common mistake that house owners do. Pricing a home is tricky. There are lots of parameters to decide the market value of the house.


First, you must determine what comparable homes in the area sell for. This is a somewhat inexact science and depends on a number of factors, such as the neighbourhood, the condition of the house, the price range, and the size of the house. 

Next, you must decide what your home is worth. To do this, you have to consider your home’s location, its condition, the condition of the neighbourhood, the condition of the property, the condition of the market, and the condition of the housing market.

Consult a professional real estate agent for expertise in finding worth and the market value of your house and examine the value of the house by connection to Roodland.

Reason 2: The House is Too Personalized

You might really like your family photos & sculptures in living room, but buyers are more interested in picturing themselves in the house. That will be more difficult for the buyers to imagine if there are too many personal things in the house. So, make sure that the living room is clean, organized, and free of clutter.


Think from the perspective of the buyer, know what they want. Remove everything that you’re not using. Especially when you’re taking the photographs of the house for the listing.

You should consider removing all the personal items from the house. If there are personal items in the house, it will make the buyers feel uncomfortable and turn them off.

Reason 3: Your House is Not Clean

Here also, first impression is very important. Most of the buyers decide based on a quick look at your house. You might have unnecessary stuffs spreading around, dusts on the window glass etc. Due to that buyer might get bd impression, even if you have greatest house on the area. That is why, it is recommended to clean up the house.


Here are the things you should clean in your house.

* Dusts on the window glass

* Dusts on the mirror

* Kitchen or dining room table

* Bathroom

* Bedrooms

You can clean them by yourself. You can hire a professional cleaning service.

Make sure the house is clean and tidy. Decluttering the house is not about hiding the stuff and cleaning the surface. If the parking space and garden is full of toys and spare items, you must remove that.

Reason 4: The Location of the House

The first thing that buyers will look for in your house is the location. It will make a difference in the value of the house. Your house will be considered as a real estate sale. Location is a very important factor in real estate. Location will determine whether a buyer will buy your house or not.

Is your house located around busy street or quiet street?

Is your house in a gated community or individual residence?

Does your house offers a distinctive views or not?

If the house is right on the busy road, it will be difficult to sell the house. Alternatively, a house with a wonderful view or nearby amenities like new schools, hospitals, public transportation, etc is likely to be more valuable. The location will affect the desirability of the house.


If the location is determining factor then either you have to lower your price or wait for the ‘right’ buyers to come.

Reason 5: The Timing of the Advertisement

In which month of the year you put your house for sale make a difference. For example, summer is the most popular time to buy a house, because family want to move before the school starts. If you put your house for sale in winter, you might have to wait a bit.


Have a discussion to the real estate agent about the optimal time to market your house. Sometimes taking a step back and repositioning it days later is what it needed.

Reason 6: The Advertised Photos Are Not Professionals

Most of the buyers search for and browse on the internet. They make a decision about buying a house based on a quick look of you listing photos. So, before you list your house, make sure that the photos you choose are professional looking. 

You can do this by hiring a professional photographer to take professional photos of your house. If you’re having trouble finding a professional photographer, ask your real estate agent for a referral. The other important thing you need to do is make sure that the photos you’re using are in good quality.


Get your home cleaned & staged properly by hiring a professional photographer to capture appealing photographs. It’s worth to have good photos of the house. This little investment can fetch you a huge return.

Below are some tips that will help you get your home’s photos ready for potential buyers. 

1. Clean the house 

2. Make sure that the lights and furniture are in good condition. 

3. Make sure that the house is well lighted. 

4. Choose the right furniture. 

5. Choose the right room for the photos. 

6. Make sure that the house is clean and organized. 

7. Choose a good background

Reason 7: You Are Consulting With Wrong Agent

Sometimes your house is perfect from almost every aspect. It’s appropriately priced, well maintained, has good location. But the agent can be turning people off. Your agent should help you with pricing, staging, marketing, etc. 

Your agent should help you with pricing, staging, marketing, etc. The best agents will have a strong track record, and they’ll be able to show you what it takes to sell your house.


If you’ve tried for a month or two to sell your home, and you haven’t seen much progress, you may want to reconsider hiring a real estate agent.

Hire a professional real estate agent who is expert in the area and is pleasurable to deal with!

To Wrap Things Up

If your house isn’t selling in the market, know that you’re not alone. There are many simple options available to help your home attract more buyers. It will be easier to sell your home if you find the appropriate price, list it, and stage it. There is a buyer for your home.

We recommend appointment with experts in this field to discuss updating the listing, marketing strategies, and any necessary changes to the home.

If you’re tired of making decisions on your own, you could also ask Roodland for help and support.

Reaching out to a credible real estate agency is an excellent way to receive expert advice on the matter. All you have to do is contact Roodland, that provides the best real estate services. Roodland understands your requirements and expectations, and works with you to satisfy them.

Roodland assures to be with you in every dream you have and to guide you with the best.


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