What is Infrastructure Development Charges (IDC)?

Kishan Thakkar K

Infrastructure and External Development Charges must be paid if you plan to purchase a property in a residential project. The size of the apartment may affect the amount of these levies. Find out more about these charges and how they may affect your home acquisition costs by continuing to read.

Governments across the state collect Infrastructure Development Charges (IDC) from builders and developers to develop major infrastructure projects. Deposits by builders go to the state development fund, which is used for socio-economic growth and the development of major infrastructure.

Highways, bridges, metro networks, and other major infrastructure projects in the region are charged with infrastructure development charges (IDC) by the civic authority.

​​Usually, these charges range anywhere between Rs. 50 and Rs. 300 per square foot for a flat, depending on the size of the apartment. A state’s statutory charges can vary from one state to another and are imposed by the state government. Additionally, they vary based on the type of project and the city’s location (zone).

In Summary

Hopefully you now understand Infrastructure Development Charges. For more information, you should inquire with the builder or developer regarding all the charges related to buying or investing in a home. 

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