What is Fractional Ownership?

Kishan Thakkar K


The term ownership mostly refers to the exclusive right over the assets. The assets from the real estate sector are generally out of the reach of the ordinary person. To address this question, the financial world has come up with the concept of fractional ownership, which allows the investors to buy the portion of the asset. This concept is resurfacing innovatively.

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Source: RandomDimes

The concept of fractional ownership is widely appreciated by millennials. In fractional ownership, unrelated parties can share the ownership of the assets. Both income, expenses, and risk are shared by the investors in proportion to the investment. 

The stocks you buy for the company are equivalent to owning a piece of business or company. As an analogy, you can compare the concept of fractional ownership with the stock market. You can choose the property you want to have fractional ownership of. In reality, the stock market and fractional ownership are not directly interrelated.

Fractional ownership legally divides ownership rights across multiple owners. This can be a valuable tool that enables people to buy equities without being constraint by financial limitations. The investor can see this to diversify the portfolio.

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