What is a Real Estate Developer and How to Become One?

Kishan Thakkar K


You might have the impression of developers associated with glamour and huge financial rewards. It certainly is a profitable career, but it is also extremely risky and requires a lot of work that is far from glamorous. We’ll discuss first what Real Estate Developers do?

What Do Real Estate Developers Do?

Real Estate Developers look after the development and redevelopment of properties. They plan and control from start to end, from purchasing the land and constructing a property. They make major decisions and manage various professionals to execute the project. The potential of earning high returns is one of the factors that attract many real estate professionals.

The presence of risk counterbalances the opportunity to earn lucrative profits.”


How to Become a Real Estate Developer?

There are two major ways of becoming a real estate developer

1. Traditional Method

You can have major in real estate development at both under graduation or graduation at many universities. The degree will get you a job with a major developer that specializes in real estate.

2. Hard Knocks Method

Not only in the Real Estate field but also in life in general, most successful people in the world went to the school of hard knocks, the same applies to the real estate developers. They did not go through any formal training or established program but learned by their experiences.


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