Real Estate and Property Photography with Drones

Kishan Thakkar K


Source: Equinox’s Drones

The Covid 19 pandemic and the digital spaces have changed the landscape of the way people behave at the social level and also the way people purchase. It has allowed the businesses to compensate for the losses incurred during the pandemic by increasing sales. 

During a pandemic, every construction came to a halt for a certain amount of period and left every real estate player and buyer into the spell of confusion. As staying at home was the only option left, visiting the site was no more the option. That’s when the digital space came into the picture.

Drone photography and videography in marketing

There is no question that the view from drone photography is one of the unusual views from the perception of the human. Apart from that, whenever buying the properties, the buyers look at the location and the surroundings as one of the parameters in consideration.

Drone photography can offer the solution for analyzing the area from the plan view and also for the advertisement purpose. Where the advertisement is one of the goals of real estate photography. Quality real estate photography can increase the probability of more sales.

There are two ways for drone photography and videography

  1. Hire a professional
  2. Do it yourself

Some of the point that you should keep in mind while doing drone photography is as below:

  • Take advantage of natural light
  • Choose which part to highlight 
  • Maintain a good variety of shots and angles
  • Shoot in RAW and post-process

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