How Will WAPA Be Different?

Kishan Thakkar K


The goal of WAPA was to create a planned, green, smart city with a focus on convenience. while also considering a futuristic approach. As of today, WAPA is still in the developing phase. 

The basic infrastructure like roads, street lights, garden, etc are being developed by the AUDA. There are few of the projects as well that are sprung up from the ground. Many of the projects are in the development phase.

The Canvas by Kavisha Group, Ansh Amantaa, and Turquoise Grandeure are a few of the projects that are coming up in the WAPA area. If you’re connected to the real estate industry, you might have heard about the wapa. As a homebuyer or as an investor, it is important to know what kind of development is going to happen in wapa area. What are the developments that are expected from WAPA? Let’s find out more about it!

What can you expect in  WAPA?

In Ahmedabad, the awe you once felt looking at photos of foreign developed countries will soon be reality in WAPA. In simple language, there will be clean and wide roads, same street lights throughout the area, well maintained gardens, thoughtfully planned areas, etc.

WAPA area  is being developed in the Godhavi TP 429 that is near to Bopal, Shela and Shilaj, considered as important and fastest growing areas of Ahmedabad city. AUDA has been developing basic facilities like roads, sewerage system, street lights, sports facilities, etc.

The greenfield WAPA city will be developed pollution free and well planned with a utility corridor. TP 429 is near to SP Ring Road and South Bopal, where the WAPA will be developed. This is a TP free zone so that residential, commercial, hospitality, hospitals, schools, and sports facilities can be developed. There will be 21 stories of buildings also where there will be luxurious flats.

A special attention is paid to the planning of WAPA, which is a greenfield city. It will be developed sector by sector from AUDA and developers, as Gandhinagar was developed. The city will be divided into sectors-A to J.


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