Pre-launch Vs. Soft Launch: What’s the Difference?

Kishan Thakkar K

If you’ve ever looked at real estate ads, you may have seen ‘Special Pre-launch Offers’ or ‘Exclusive Soft Launch Prices’. Have you ever wondered how these two terms differ and what their meanings are? If you are thinking about investing in real estate for the first time, here are some key terms you need to understand.

“Usually, both pre-launch and soft-launch of a project, starts with the invitation of bookings from old customers and local property agents.”

-Aman Nagar, director, Paras Buildtech

What is a Pre-launch Stage?

A pre-launch stage indicates that a builder announces his project without initiating the process for obtaining regulatory approvals. This is merely a plan that the builder is selling. There is high risk associated as the regulatory approvals have not yet been obtained. 

As the developer usually mentions the clause of change in the development plan as indicated by the approvals received, the proposed agreement between the two parties can be twisted into something else.

What is a Soft-launch Stage?

When a developer begins selling his project while it is in the approval process, it is said that the project is in a soft launch stage. 

These types of launches are less risky than pre-launches because all initial paperwork has been finalized and is legally recognized. These types of offers are often extended to first-time buyers with modest budgets who are on the lookout for a property, since these prospective buyers are easy to lure.

In the End

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