Why should I Invest in GIFT City?

Kishan Thakkar K

It is very possible that you have heard about the GIFT city and the investment opportunities it offers. In different sectors, such as finance, real estate, and enterprise, it offers lots of investment opportunities.

As we will cover in this article, what are the reasons why one should invest in a GIFT city, what are the features that make it a good investment, and why one should invest in GIFT city.

First, let’s understand what GIFT city is all about.

GIFT City is a planned business district. In addition to offering competitive advantages to financial services and technology sector businesses, it is also the new business destination in the region. 

Business activities are enhanced with a Walk to Work concept that is integrated with this development.

In line with global benchmarks, it is establishing itself as a global financial and technology services hub. 

The city has a Special Economic Zone with an International Finance Services Centre (“IFSC”). IFSC was formed to handle financial services transactions conducted outside India by overseas financial institutions and their overseas subsidiaries.

As an investor, what is most important to you is what you will get as a return on your investment when you invest. We will examine the reasons why GIFT city makes a good investment.

Many Factors Makes GIFT City a Good Investment

Land is Relatively Affordable

Compared with Mumbai, Bengaluru, or any other rapidly growing state, Gujarat always has a much lower capital value. 

In addition to having a lower cost of real estate, the state also has lower compensation levels, which means it has a much lower cost of operating. As a result, Gujarat’s investment pattern has changed.

Smart Infrastructure & Other Amenities

Gujarat is known for its excellent infrastructure and location. A great deal of infrastructure development has taken place in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar in recent years. Infrastructure could be a magnet for investors from outside the country.

As part of the Gujarat Government’s infrastructure development in GIFT city, the government has already built water treatment plants, cooling plants, underground utility tunnels, and automated waste collection plants, and a metro train line is currently being constructed to connect it to Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.

Smart City Features

As part of its energy efficiency plan, GIFT City is installing a district cooling system as well as 100% LED street lighting to achieve high energy efficiency. Moreover, the city has reduced potable water use by 35% and treated & reused 100% of wastewater. A waste collection and separation facility has been installed at GIFT City as a result of the national importance of solid waste management.

By installing District Cooling Systems in GIFT City, it will be possible to reduce the operational costs by 30-40% and avoid the cost of installing coolers in every building. Throughout the city, waste will be treated through plasma gasification, which will be collected and vacuumed automatically.

Social Infrastructure

As part of the city’s social infrastructure, there is an international school, medical facilities, an international exposition complex, a business club with sports facilities, a relaxation area, and multi-cuisine restaurants. In addition, the city has a 5-star hotel and an excellent residential neighbourhood, making it an actual “Walk to Work” city.

Strategically Located Between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar

The city is situated on the banks of the Sabarmati River, which connects Gujarat’s business centre (Ahmedabad) and political capital (Gandhinagar). 

Ahmedabad International Airport is only 20 kilometres from the city and provides excellent internal transportation connections.

Growing Business Activities

There has been an increase in business activities as more and more skyscrapers are being built in the city. The Mumbai-based Hiranandani group has built a tower, Bengaluru’s Sobha group has constructed apartments, a Bengaluru-based Brigade group has built a hotel, a business tower, and a five-star hotel, Mumbai’s Narsee Monjee Educational Trust has constructed a Jamnabai Narsee School, while a hospital is expected to be built soon.

Industrialization of State

A number of industries from other states started to open shops in Gujarat thanks to the government’s efforts. With an abundance of land and favourable conditions and forgiving rules, the state offers an advantage over other states to emerging enterprises.

Growing IT Sector

As the IT-ITeS sector in Gujarat expands rapidly, a number of job opportunities are emerging. There are three IT hotspots in the state: Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, and Baroda. 

GIFT city is fueling the state’s rapidly growing information technology sector. Almost 60,000 kilometers of optical fibre network connects the state’s communication networks. As a result, Gujarat is well positioned to become the next IT center thanks to improved infrastructure and policy changes.

As a Final Note

It has become evident that the GIFT city offers a vast array of investment opportunities that simply cannot be overlooked. The return on investment in GIFT city will be good regardless of the type of investment.

Even though this investment will not benefit you for short-term purposes, it is wise to invest in GIFT city if you want to make money in the long run.

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