When and How Should You File A Complaint Under RERA?

Sujan Afi S


Buying a home is a dream for many people. But the fulfilment of this dream is not so easy always. The newspaper headline entitled ‘being cheated by developer or builder’ is increasing day by day. Fraud case in the real estate sector is quite common at present in India. Nevertheless, you can get justice by filing a complaint under RERA in India. It is not only for the buyers or investors; the developers or builders also claim for justice regarding any issue through RERA.

What is RERA?

Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) is a legal body formed in the year 2016 to mitigate all kinds of problems in the real estate sector. It also aims to boost domestic as well as international investment in the Indian real estate sector. Keeping a relationship with regional conditions RERA also differs with the change of state. RERA simplifies the process of investment in the real estate sector of India. Besides that, it also brings clarity in the same sector.

When should you file a complaint under RERA?

RERA complaints can be filled both by buyer or investor and builder or developer to mitigate all kinds of disputes in the real estate sector of India. A buyer can file a complaint against a promoter, real estate agent, developer, broker, builder, etc. under RERA. According to the RERA Act, the buyer or investor can file a RERA complaint in several cases, such as –

  • To get all kinds of information from builders or developers regarding the sale of a building, flat or house.
  • To acknowledge the details of the schedule of all real estate projects and when the project will be completed in various states of India.
  • Registering a complaint about all kinds of financial issues against the builder or developer.
  • Filing a complaint about financial refund in case the developer or builder breaks the terms and conditions.
  • Demand for necessary building plans, drawings, legal clearance, etc.
  • Non-registration of the project under RERA.
  • If the promoter developer or builder furnishes false information to the buyer or investor.
  • If the real estate project is not finished within the particular schedule.
  • If the buyer or investor faces any kind of financial fraud from the side of the builder or developer.
  • If the project approved plan of a building does not match with the finished/constructed building.
  • If the builder violates any RERA act, such as refusal to pay the refund, using of poor quality construction materials, refusal to cancel the booking, changes the structural plan without approval, failure in obtaining occupancy certificate, etc.

How should you file a complaint under RERA?

If the buyer or investor requires to register a complaint against the builder or developer then he/she needs to provide some details. They are listed below –

  • All necessary details of the applicant, such as name, address, etc.
  • Project details, such as registration number, location, etc.
  • Detail statements and information of the claim.
  • Status of the response of builder or developer.

To get a RERA complaint registration you should follow the steps given below very systematically. 

Step 1: In the first step you need to visit the official website of the RERA of the respective state to file a complaint.

Step 2: Click on the complaint registration link on the official website of RERA to get the complaint registration form.

Step 3: Fill out the complaint registration form. While filling out the form you are also required to provide some necessary personal details like name, address, contact details, etc. You can also attach various necessary supporting documents here.

Step 4: It is the last step. After filling out the complaint registration form you need to pay the fees for registering the complaint successfully. Online payment mode is available here.


Any complaint registered in RERA should be resettled within 60 days. RERA is the only legal authority of India to settle all kinds of real estate disputes. Therefore, before buying a real estate property you should confirm whether it is registered with RERA or not. 

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