What is TP Scheme?

Kishan Thakkar K

Town planning schemes (TPS) have become increasingly important to local governments in India as they facilitate urban growth and provide affordable housing and basic infrastructure.

The Town Planning Scheme (TP Scheme) is a crucial tool for development in Gujarat that allows appropriating land for public purposes like building street networks and other infrastructure.

Land reconstitution, collection of charges for infrastructure provision, identification of land, and cadastral mapping are all undertaken legally and within a stipulated period following established procedures.

The first town planning act was passed in 1915. This law provided for the planning of small urban areas that were growing or proposed for growth through Town Planning Schemes.

The act was modified in 1954. Following this act, a development plan (master plan) will be prepared for the whole city along with detailed planning using T.P.Scheme.

The recent version of the Act is of 1976. Today we have provisions that encompass areas beyond the city limits. The statute provides for the delineation of urbanise areas and the government of those areas.

For more knowledge on the TP Schemes from the Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority, click here. 


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