What is Town Planning and Development Planning?

Sujan Afi S

Do you like to live in a messy room? Imagine that you return from your office after a hectic day and you see that your room is unorganised. How would you feel? You will get more disturbed, right? Why? Because, generally, human beings like to live in an organised place. It’s human nature. That is why you love it when you find your room clean and tidy. That is why you love it when you find everything in its right position!

Similarly, if you think a little more, would you like to live in an unorganised town? No, right? Why? Because you would never like to hover around for a packet of milk for your child. You would never like to live in a region that’s polluted. Would you not want to take your family for an evening walk? We all like to live in an organised area. Here lies the importance of town planning and development planning.

In this blog, we will read about town planning and development planning briefly.

What is Town Planning?

Simply we can say that town planning is the art of ordering and using land and deciding the location of the buildings, structures, communication routes, etc. so that the needs of human beings are met properly. We need a proper way of planning a town because it provides a healthy atmosphere for us to live in the area.

There are several features of town planning. Let’s see some of them briefly.

  • Constructing new towns, cities, villages, etc.
  • Protection of historical or architectural buildings.
  • Assessing planning applications.
  • Protecting the natural and other public places.
  • Spreading educational awareness.
  • Working with the builders, developers, architects, etc.

Within this broad concept of town planning comes the smaller concept of development planning. Let’s see it briefly. 

What is Development Planning?

A development plan is considered to be a continuous process. It provides guidelines for the physical development of the city. Further, it guides individuals in finding their interests in the city. To put it plainly, a development plan is a plan for the physical, social, financial and political system of the town, which extraordinarily improves the quality of individuals living in that particular region. 

Let us see some salient features of development planning

  • It helps guide the development of the town/city in a very proper and organized manner. Thus, it helps improve the quality of the lives of the people residing there. 
  • It allows a proper physical, social as well as economic development of the city with the help of the data collected from surveys and other research conducted on the present and the future possibilities of the city.
  • It guides you to understand the growth (both positive and negative) of the city. Thus, you can plan your next move accordingly. 
  • It reduces the unorganized physical growth of a city. Further, it helps to bring an understanding between different groups of people. 

To put it in a frank manner, we cannot compartmentalize the concepts of town planning and development planning. No doubt, town planning is a broader concept. Once that starts development planning crops in. If you consider a box to be the town planning, then the small balls present inside that box may be considered to be development planning.

Unless the small balls are organized properly, the box will not look good. Similarly, if the structure of a city is good, but the inside part is not planned properly, the entire hard work will go in vain!

In Summary

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