What is Land Survey Number?

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Investment in various sectors of real estate is considered a profitable one. It is a lifetime investment and should be done wisely. If you want to buy land then you need to check the land survey number of that particular land too.

Incidents of land fraud are quite common. It is recognized as a common headline for the country’s media outlet! To avoid these kinds of land fraud or scams you need to know the land survey number before investing in any land.

What is Land Survey Number?

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In a very simple word, a land survey number is a unique number assigned to a particular land parcel by the local authority or revenue officer (generally the state’s survey department or state’s revenue department). It is an official number of a particular parcel of land.

This land survey number helps to identify several important and relevant facts of a particular land parcel such as ownership, size, location, area, etc. which is very useful for real estate investors as well as common land buyers.

Procedure to Assign a Unique Land Survey Number

The authority can’t just put any random number as the land survey number. The concerned authority of a particular state inspects a particular piece of land. Through this process of inspection, they record relevant and important characteristics of that particular land parcel like its size, ownership, area, boundaries. Finally, the surveyor or revenue officer assigns a unique number for this particular land parcel.

This inspection finally leads to the preparation of a map of a particular administrative area where you can easily find your particular land parcel through your unique land survey number. 

The state government is solely responsible to maintain the records of this kind of land survey numbers and with the change of state government, the process of recording land survey numbers may differ too.

Is Land Survey Number Useful for Buyers?

The land survey number is very crucial for buyers or investors while buying a particular land parcel. It can successfully reduce the number of disputes associated with a particular land parcel. Besides, it helps reduce the number of land fraud cases. 

You can easily find out the name of the owner and co-owner and relevant details of a particular piece of land by using the land survey number. Therefore, before buying the land the buyer or investor can easily know whether any legal dispute is associated with the land. 

A land survey number mainly provides the following information of a particular land parcel:

  • Type of land
  • The present owner and co-owner of the land
  • Provides exact location of the land, i.e., exact land address
  • Mentions about the exact boundaries of a particular land parcel
  • Informs about the exact size and shape of the land
  • Provides necessary information of the surrounding or adjoined land parcel like their ownership, size, etc

How to Find Your Land Survey Number?

There are mainly two ways to find out the land survey number. One is through the online portal and another is by visiting the land revenue office.

Online Portal

You can easily find out the land survey number through the online portal. Most of the states have their online portal (generally maintained by the state’s revenue department) which provides details about the land survey number of the respective states. The online portal of land survey numbers makes it very easy for buyers or investors to find out the land survey number.

The name of the states and their online portal details to find out land survey numbers are mentioned below:

Sr. No.Name of the statesWebsites
1Andhra Pradeshhttps://meebhoomi.ap.gov.in
2Arunachal Pradeshhttps://namsai.nic.in/
9Himachal Pradeshhttps://lrc.hp.nic.in/
13Madhya Pradeshhttp://landrecords.mp.gov.in
18Tamil Naduhttps://eservices.tn.gov.in/
21Uttar Pradeshhttp://bhulekh.up.nic.in
23West Bengalhttp://banglarbhumi.gov.in/

Checking Land Revenue Office

Checking the deed is recognized as one of the oldest and conventional ways of checking the land survey number of a particular land parcel. You can easily find out the land survey number by getting the deeds from the local land revenue department. You just need to visit the local land revenue department to know all about your land survey number. If there is any problem in the online portal of checking land survey numbers then you should visit the local land revenue department for the land survey number. 

How Can You Verify Your Land Survey Number?

Verification of land survey numbers is very important before buying a particular plot of land as the number of frauds and land scam is rampant in the country at present. The process of verification of land survey numbers is very easy. You just need to cross-check the land survey number against the number mentioned in your property tax bill. If both the numbers match then there are no discrepancies. But if they do not match then there may be some problems. To solve this matter, you need to go to the local revenue department for further clarifications.

In the End

As a potential buyer or investor, you need to follow the steps of verification of land survey numbers before buying or investing in a particular piece of land. The land survey number provided by the seller may be different from the tax receipts of the land which indicates the prevalence of legal disputes.

Therefore, don’t rush and carefully cross-check the land survey number to avoid a future headache, legal disputes and financial loss. You may be a victim of a land fraud case or land scam if you are not aware of the land survey number. Further, you can consult with an expert real estate agent.

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