What is Floor Space Index (FSI)?

Lipika Pandey L

Whether you are purchasing a new flat, planning to buy land, or building your own home, there are many guidelines and regulations that you should consider and remember.

Understanding the ideas, terms, and abbreviations utilized in this area is a fantastic thought as it will make this overwhelming system more agreeable. Also, one such term worth knowing is FSI.

What Is FSI?

FSI stands for Floor Space Index; also alluded to as FAR (Floor Area Ratio). In simple terms, FSI is the greatest permissible floor area, that a manufacturer can build on a specific plot/land area. FSI is the proportion of building floor covered area to area available on the land. FSI changes from one spot to another under the rules and guidelines set by the city’s organization.

FSI = Total covered area on all floors / Gross Plot Area

For example, assuming a plot of land measures around 500 square meters, the permissible FSI is 1, then, at the time of construction, 500 square meters will be permitted on this plot. According to the allowable FSI, this number can change.

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Factors Affecting FSI

Numerous things can affect the conceivable FSI of a building. A portion of these incorporates the size of the plot, the kind of the structure, the area of the plot (city zone), essential facilities that can be made accessible for the structure, and so forth.

For instance, the FSI of land might be subject to where is it located. FSI in old and established areas of the city can be different from admissible FSI in creating areas. Every city can modify the FSI value contingent upon the city’s advancement needs and the worth of the land. The FSI number characterizes the capability of the plot and its commercial value.

Permissible FSI/FAR value depends on

  • Plot size
  • Building type (business building, residential apartments, etc.)
  • Adjacent road width
  • Availability of water pipeline, sewer line, and power supply

What Is 2.5 FSI?

2.5 FSI means that, if a plot area is 1200 sq ft, then you can construct 3 stories with 1000 sq ft floor area.

What IS 1.5 FSI?

1.5 FSI implies that if you have a plot area of 750 sq ft, then you can construct 2 stories with a 625 sq ft floor area.

Importance of FSI

FSI or FAR value impacts the worth of land in an area. It assists with figuring out the allowable dimension of land like the size and width, accordingly which can be used to realize how much land can be used. FSI value doesn’t continue as before for all locations, it changes from one region to another.

Assuming FSI or FAR values are expanded by the government, the possibilities of getting better usage, housing stock, and space additionally go up. At last, all of this adds to the cost of the property.

Final Words

Irrespective of whether you are building your most memorable home or making a judicious financial investment, purchasing property is generally an achievement. As purchasing property includes critical speculation of cash, and it is a long-term resource, it is essential to comprehend these elements and the fine print before committing to a deal.

Take an informed choice at each progression by instructing yourself to guarantee that nothing imperils this critical buy.


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