What is Disbursement Home Loan?

Kishan Thakkar K

An important part of owning a home is securing a mortgage. The disbursement process takes place at the end of the loan process. 

Basically, disbursement means that the bank pays out the proceeds of your home loan to the builder or seller according to the terms of the contract you have signed with the lender.

Disbursement Process

Upon completion of the following steps, the housing finance company will disburse the loan amount:

  1. The property has been technically appraised;
  2. All legal documentation has been completed;
  3. Your contribution has been fully invested (i.e. the down payment).

Afterward, you can either request disbursement offline or online. To request disbursement offline, you need to visit the branch or office of the housing finance company. To request disbursement online, you need to visit the website of the housing finance company.

Your dream home is within your reach when your home loan is disbursed.


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