What is Comprehensive General Development Control Regulations (GDCR)?

Lipika Pandey L

Every system needs a general set of rules and regulations to function properly and provide a better service to the users or the citizens. Similarly to guarantee the legitimate and possible development of the city, and provide overall public welfare, a set of rules are framed known as the Development Control Regulations, which are an essential part to provide planned development.

It depends on a “plan-led system” despite the development plans being made and public counseled.

This is a process of controlling land use and development, which involves the construction of new buildings, changing of use of buildings, and extending the existing ones. The land use and the turn of events are controlled by the development of the components. 

Motives of the Development Control Regulations (DCR)

The rationale of Development Control Regulations (DCR) is that any endorsed plan is carried out by people and by corporate or by public-sector developers and along with this, new developments should comply with the conditions of the plan.

Importance of Development Control Regulations (DCR)

Development Control Regulations are an unquestionable requirement for each developing city because the area promptly beyond the city limits is frequently a source of health hazard to the city and generally under no severe control of the compelling local authority. While considering the city of Gujarat, there is a need for the requirements to be convenient for the people, the designs should be accessible to everyone.


Objectives of the Development Control Regulations (DCR)

  • To stop the ominous interest and abuse of the land.
  • To help private interest alongside public interest in all periods of development.
  • Development control is lawful in nature and the planning authority can rebuff the defaulters.
  • To control and restrict overcrowding on land.
  • To control private development according to the expected standards in association with public wellbeing, health, and comfort.

Types of Development Controls Regulations (DCR)

  • Town and Country Planning Act
  • Building Bye-laws
  • Land Acquisition Act
  • Zoning Regulations
  • Slum Clearance Act
  • Periphery Control Act

Zoning Regulations Dealing

  • Allotment of land for special purposes.
  • Limitations on the construction, use, and height of the building.

Key Objectives of Zoning

  • Zoning ends up being a valuable method for making any town planning scheme powerful and fruitful.
  • Zoning upholds legitimate coordination of different public amenities like streets, electricity, drainage, water and transport facilities, etc.
  • Rezoning for better purposes of land by changing their zoning regulations can be conceivable.
  • The town planner gets sufficient chance for planning the future growth and development of the town.

The Bye-laws saying (Building Bye-laws Updates 2019)

  • Rights of residents
  • Freedom to builder or landlord
  • Rights of neighbor
  • Applicability of Building Bye-laws 
  • New construction
  • Additions and modifications to buildings
  • The need for open space

The Objectives of Building Bye-laws

  • The reckless development without any similarity in comparison to the development of the whole area is put to a stop with the implementation of the building bye-laws.
  • To give open spaces, commotion, air breeze, smoke, oversee wellbeing against fire, and many more.
  • To control land development with the bye-laws in mind.
  • It turns out to be more open to pre-plan the structure activities and provisions of bye-laws, directing to the architect.
  • Material types of control

Concluding Words!

The Metropolitan Commissioner is the arbiter under the DCR to review its provisions and his words would be conclusive. The Metropolitan Commissioner could utilize his power to support the provisions of these guidelines barring the provisions related to FSI. Simultaneously, it is likewise important to safeguard or work on the quality of towns, villages, countryside, and many more. 

As said earlier the Development Control Regulations vary from region to region. Hence it is recommended to check the DCRs of your respective states and get a clear idea of the regulations. 


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