What is Co-living Spaces?

Kishan Thakkar K

In general, coliving refers to a type of intentional community that provides shared housing for people who hold similar ‘values’. It is a residential community that accommodates people from various backgrounds.

It is a modern form of shared community housing to live, work and play together. Among the many benefits of joining a co-living space is the experience of community living.

Photo by Jason Goodman

Co-living is a new model of communal living that provides residents with their own living space while sharing common areas. Students and workers often opt for co-living as an affordable option for living in megacities.

Many young people are embracing the concept. Co-living spaces feature shared kitchens, utility spaces, and communal work areas.

Recent years have seen a rise in its popularity due to several factors, including an increase in urbanization and a lack of affordable housing options.

Coliving communities provide many benefits to their residents compared to traditional housing options. While there are many benefits, some of the most common ones are convenience, cost savings, and comfort.

Be sure to do your research and some soul-searching before choosing to move forward. Want to find your dream home faster? Start your search with us, you can reach out to us at info@roodland.com. Any concerns or suggestions you have will be taken into consideration.


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