How Can I Benefit from Abatement of Property?

Sujan Afi S

For encouraging real estate sectors, the state, as well as the central government, often introduce various kinds of abatements like tax abatement of property. Any kind of abatement promotes the growth of that economic sector.

The investors get financial advantages from abatement. But what does it mean? In this blog, we are going to have a detailed discussion on the abatement of property.

So, let’s dive deep! 

What is Abatement?

In very simple words ‘abatement’ refers to the reduction of tax amounts in any kind of business or economic activity in a specific situation for promoting investments.

In the case of abatement, the taxpayer generally pays less amount of taxes than he/she has to pay in a normal situation. It also refers to the total exemption of taxes for a particular period like 10 or 20 years! 

The advantages of tax abatement can be enjoyed by an individual or a company. In many cases, the abatement also includes the reduction of penalties. The tax authorities/departments only allow tax abatement in a particular situation and time to provoke the investors for investments.

In a general tax abatement can be allowed by the state government or by the local municipal authorities. It is simply a taxation strategy adopted by various levels of government authorities for business promotion. Tax abatement can be considered or recognized as one kind of tax incentive. 

Abatement in Real Estate

Abatement of property or abatement in the real estate sector is quite common nowadays. In the real estate sector, the local government allows abatement of property to promote the local real estate sector. Abatement of property in real estate is allowed in various cities of India for focusing on the improvement of the rate of urbanization.

In India the rate and amount of urbanization are low. Hence, it is very much necessary to take initiatives like abatement of property to promote urbanization.

The prime purpose of abatement of property or abatement in the real estate sector is to attract the buyers or investors to a location where the demand for real estate property is low, such as the revitalization site of a city. 

You can invest or buy a property that already falls in the tax abatement zone. Again, you can apply for tax abatement or abatement of the property yourself after buying a property and completing the necessary repairs or improvements. 

However, it is better to go for investing in a location where abatement of property is already applicable. Abatement of a property will eliminate your property tax bill (permanently) and will save a substantial amount of your property tax bill for a particular time.

You can apply for the tax abatement to the local governmental authority if you think that the assessed value of the property is too high. In many cases the government allows abatement to restore or improve the historic value of the property. 

Example of Abatement in Real Estate

A city government or a local municipal authority may allow the abatement of property or tax abatement for a specific time to a particular location of the city where the interest of investors is low for the real estate sector. 

Another example of abatement of property can be the abatement of tax for a particular house.

Special Consideration for Abatement of Tax in Real Estate Property

In many cases, it is important to maintain the property as owner-occupied for getting the advantages of abatement of a property. The tenure of abatement is mainly associated with a property like a home.

For example, if one enjoys tax abatement on a house for 5 years and then sells the property then the new owner will also enjoy a total of 5 years of tax abatement. Thus, the total tenure of abatement of that house will be for 10 years.

How to Know Whether Your Property is Eligible for Abatement or Not?

The easiest way to know the details of abatement of your property is to google search your location or area of investment. The local real estate agencies can also help you know details of the abatement of property applicable for that particular area.

On a Final Note

Tax abatement or abatement of a property provides financial advantages to the investors. Before investing or buying a property it is very important to know about the abatement of property in detail. So, try not to rush. Take your time to know the terms and conditions of the abatement of property for getting the ultimate benefits of the abatement of property in the real estate sector.

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