What is a Real Estate Developer?

Sujan Afi S

In the field of real estate, a developer refers to an individual or a real estate company who is engaged in the development of real estate products for sale. A developer generally takes raw land and then collects necessary legal permits to construct a real estate property over it.

It is the responsibility of the developer to create the necessary sewage system, ensure sufficient water supply by constructing water lines, developing streets, constructing electric lines, etc. 

Real estate developers generally take various real estate projects under which the builders work. A real estate developer is also engaged in the reconstruction of various real estate properties like – residential houses, offices, restaurants, hotels, commercial complexes, factories, etc. He also works as a real estate project owner. 

In this case, the developer needs to ensure his obligation in this project. It is very much essential for him to have the ability to recognise the potentiality of various real estate properties like land, or other particular property to become a successful real estate developer.

In many cases, the real estate developer also has the responsibility to hire a contractor and a builder for the successful completion of a real estate project like a residential building complex or a commercial factory.


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