What is a Legal Heir Certificate?

Sakera Patel S

Once you’ve made up your mind that you want to leave your estate in the hands of your loved ones, you’ll need to understand what a legal heir certificate is.

A legal heir certificate is one of the most important documents you can own, and it’s easy to forget that this certificate even exists when you have multiple heirs included in your will.

This article will explain to you what about the Legal heir certificate.

What is a legal heir certificate? A legal heir certificate allows you to ensure that your assets will be transferred only to the people you want to inherit if you pass away suddenly or are unable to manage your finances.

It also makes it possible for you to name someone as your guardian and/or conservator should you need one in the future. 

What is a Legal Heir Certificate?

A Legal Heir Certificate is nothing but an acknowledgment of a person’s right to receive your assets in case you are not around. This recognition means that even though these people may not have any relation with you, they will be legally allowed to inherit your property and perform last rites. They can also claim government benefits like social security etc., as per their entitlement. The most common case of such situations arises when someone has no next of kin, or their next of kin cannot be located easily.

For example, if someone lives alone with no family or friends in India, then at his death there might be nobody who can arrange for his funeral and burial. If he had parents living abroad, then it could take many months before any relative arrives from abroad and takes care of these tasks.

Legal heirs are those members of an individual’s family who inherit property after death. When an individual dies without leaving behind a will, his or her relatives are all entitled to inherit from that person, according to India’s Hindu Succession Act.

These heirs receive their inheritance through estate certificates issued by authorities such as courts and revenue offices. In essence, an estate certificate is issued by government authorities and certifies that specific individuals have inherited specific properties after someone’s death.

In Summary

The best way to pass on your estate plan is through your will. This certificate will make sure that everyone has access to their inheritance as quickly as possible. Plus, with just one document in place—the legal heir certificate—you avoid costly litigation and unnecessary delays.


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