What Are the Types of Building Classified by NBC?

Kishan Thakkar K

We have always been surrounded by buildings wherever we go. Having a good understanding of building types is important. Following is the classification of types of buildings according to the National Building Code of India (1970).

Group A: Residential Types of Buildings

Buildings in which sleeping accommodation is provided for the people for temporary or permanent habitation.

Accommodations such as bungalows, private houses, apartments, hostels, hotels, cottages, villas, etc.

Another five groups of buildings are also divided up among them.

  1. Family Private Dwellings.
  2. Flats.
  3. Hotels.
  4. Dormitories.
  5. Lodging Houses.

Group B: Educational Types of Buildings

Buildings, where educational activities take place, are called Educational Buildings. They include all grades from nursery to university. Examples of educational buildings are schools, colleges, universities, training institutions, etc.

Group C: Institutional Buildings

In general, these types of buildings are used for activities related to health, medical, recovering health from injuries or illness, caring for old people and infants, etc. Usually, these types of buildings have sleeping facilities for the occupants.

Group D: Assembly Buildings

Various buildings in which people gather for worship, amusement, gymnasiums, museums, cinema halls, clubs, swimming pools, transportation services, etc.

Group E: Business Buildings 

Business-related activities are prominent in these types of buildings. To carry out business transactions, keeping the records, etc are a few of the main uses of such buildings. Examples of business buildings are city halls, clinics, malls, etc.

Group F: Mercantile Buildings

The buildings that are used for the trading activities and display of products either wholesale or retail. Example of such building is shops, stores, market, etc.

Group G: Industrial Buildings

The activities related to fabrication takes place in these types of buildings including assembling or processing various kind of products. Examples of such buildings are refineries, assembly plants, gas plants, etc.

Group H: Storage Buildings

The godown, warehouse and storage structure are included in this type of buildings. The storage of goods or products, waves or merchandise, are the primary purpose of such buildings.

Group I: Hazardous Buildings

These types of buildings are with the storage, processing or manufacturing of materials that are harmful to the humans and animals, also the material that the potential to burn extreme rapidly.

In Summary

Thanks for reading this blog about building types. I hope you have found it helpful to better understand them. Having a better understanding of how to deal and invest is always helpful. 

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