What Are the Pros and Cons About Living in Mumbai?

Sujan Afi S

Mumbai is known as the ‘Capital City’ of India which is the capital of the Indian state Maharashtra and located at Arabian Sea coast. The city is the financial as well as commercial centre of India and according to the Census of India, 2011 it is the most populous city of India.

Being the most popular as well as populous metropolitan city of India Mumbai provides a number of facilities to its people and therefore a number of people just dream to live in Mumbai.

Beside the advantages that Mumbai provides its citizens there are also some disadvantages in living Mumbai. In this article we will discuss the pros and cons about living in Mumbai.

Pros of Living in Mumbai

The pros of living in Mumbai are discussed below

  1. High internet speed: The internet speed in Mumbai is very fast.
  2. Job opportunity: In Mumbai although the competition for jobs is high, there are also high job opportunities.
  3. High amount of salary: Average salary in Mumbai is comparatively higher than many other Indian cities.
  4. Moderate weather: As the city Mumbai located beside the Arabian Sea therefore its citizens enjoy moderate weather throughout the year.
  5. Easy to business: The city Mumbai is recognised as to be easy to do business.
  6. Good hospital facility: Mumbai provides good and affordable hospital facilities to its citizens.
  7. Low pollution: The level of pollution is comparatively low because of its seaside location.
  8. Sufficient vacation destination: Mumbai has a number of vacation destinations.
  9. Full of opportunities: The city Mumbai is known as full of opportunities.
  10. Safe: The safety of people especially for girls is quite satisfactory in Mumbai.
  11. Global exposure: The metropolitan city Mumbai provides you the chance of exposure to global culture.
  12. High connectivity: The overall transport connectivity in Mumbai is quite better than many other Indian cities.

Cons of Living in Mumbai

Beside the pros there are a number of cons about living in Mumbai, such as

  1. High crime rate: In Mumbai the crime rate is quite high. Various kinds of illegal activities are active there.
  2. Low education quality: Although there are a number of educational institutions in Mumbai, the overall quality of education is not satisfactory.
  3. Difficult to make friends: In Mumbai most of the people feel that making new friends is quite difficult.
  4. Crowd: The city Mumbai is one of the most populous cities in India where you will experience very crowdedness.
  5. Slum: The problem of slums is another big issue of Mumbai.
  6. Heavy traffic: The heavy traffic jam of Mumbai is very problematic to its citizens.
  7. High living cost: Living cost in Mumbai is quite high compared to many other Indian cities.
  8. Problematic Mumbai floods: The people of Mumbai frequently experience very bad and problematic flood experiences mainly during the rainy season.
  9. High rent: The amount of rent is comparatively higher in Mumbai.


Although there are a number of disadvantages about living in Mumbai but being the ‘Capital City’ of India it provides more advantages than disadvantages. Therefore, a number of people want to live in the city Mumbai. Being the financial as well as commercial hub of India the importance of Mumbai is increasing day by day.

The location of Bollywood also makes it attractable to a number of people. After the above discussion it can be concluded that living or investing in Mumbai although depends on your various personal situations and conditions but the city is quite attractive to a lot of people because of the facilities it provides to its citizens.


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