What Are the Pros and Cons About Living in Ahmedabad?

Sujan Afi S

Ahmedabad is the most populous city of the Indian state Gujarat and according to Census of India, 2011 it is the fifth-most populous city in India. It is the administrative headquarters of the district Ahmedabad. In the city Ahmedabad the concentration of industrial as well as various economic activities is quite high and recognised as an important industrial and economic hub of India.

The city Ahmedabad is ranked the second-largest producer of cotton where there is a number of cotton production mills and because of that the city is also known as ‘Manchester of India’. The city is located near the bank of the river Sabarmati. Continuous growth of population as well as economic development promotes real estate activities in the city. Being the business hub of the state Gujarat the city Ahmedabad attracted a lot of people about living in the city.

Although there is a list of pros about living in Ahmedabad, some important cons about living in Ahmedabad also need to be highlighted. In this blog we are going to discuss the pros and cons about living in the city Ahmedabad in detail.

The Pros About Living in Ahmedabad

At first we will focus on discussing the pros about living in Ahmedabad in detail, such as

  1. Low living cost: Living cost in Ahmedabad is comparatively low.
  2. High safety: In Ahmedabad the overall safety as well as women safety is quite good.
  3. Easy to business: The overall mind-set of the people is business types and the city provides easy to business facilities.
  4. Good transport: The overall transport conditions of the city is good. The conditions of most of the roads and other transport routes are good.
  5. A lot of entertainment options: The city Ahmedabad will provide you a lot of entertainment options.
  6. High job opportunity: As the city is an important economic as well as industrial hub therefore job opportunity is quite high in the city.
  7. Good education: In Ahmedabad there are a number of reputed educational institutions.
  8. Good hospital: The overall health services of the city are quite good and there are a number of reputed public health institutions.

The Pros About Living in Ahmedabad

Beside the pros there is also a number of cons about living in the city Ahmedabad, such as

  1. Weather: The summer of Ahmedabad is very hot and crosses 40ºC.
  2. Low freedom of speech: In Ahmedabad the overall status of freedom of speech is not satisfactory.
  3. High pollution: Due to a number of cotton mills the pollution level of the city is quite high.
  4. Difficult to make friends: In Ahmedabad it is difficult to make friends for outsiders.
  5. Problem of slum: The problem of slum is a problematic issue of the city. The labour class people are used to living in slums.
  6. Politics: Politics is everywhere but for Ahmedabad it is little bit more.
  7. Low driving sense and traffic jam: The overall driving sense of the people in Ahmedabad is low and this resulted in high traffic jams.
  8. Conservative mind-set: The overall mind-set of the people in Ahmedabad is conservative. Ahmedabad is the residence of a number of Hindu orthodox families.
  9. Problem of garbage cleaning: The status of garbage cleaning in the city is not good.
  10. Slow internet: The internet speed in Ahmedabad is quite low.
  11. Low greenery and open space: In Ahmedabad the amount of greenery and open space is not satisfactory.
  12. Poor drainage system: Poor drainage system of the city causes problematic situations for the citizens during monsoon.
  13. Problem for non-vegetarian: Vegetarian people are dominated in number in the city and therefore it causes problems to the non-vegetarian for the availability of as well as accessibility to non-vegetarian food items. 

On a Final Note

Like any other cities there are also a number of pros and cons for Ahmedabad. But you must compare your personal conditions to the above mentioned pros and cons before taking the decision of living in Ahmedabad.


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