Factors That Influence a Buyer’s Home-buying Decision

Sakera Patel S

A home is the most expensive purchase most people will ever make, so it’s important to make the right decisions when buying one. That’s why it’s so important to know all of the factors that can affect your buying decision, including what stage of life you’re in, how much time you have to invest in renovating and maintaining your home, and whether you want to rent out part of your house as an investment. 

Even if you’re an experienced buyer, there are always new factors you may have to take into account that could affect your home buying decision.

These 7 factors that affect a buyer’s home buying decision will help any buyer with their home buying decision. 

1. Economic Factor

Interest rates, the price of homes, and proximity to amenities are economic factors that affect home-buying decisions. A buyer with better economic choices may have more freedom when deciding on what kind of house they want to buy.

Some buyers may choose not to spend as much money on their first home since they will likely move again after several years, while others may take advantage of lower interest rates by purchasing a larger home.

2. Easy to Access Facilities and Amenities

If you’re looking to buy your first home, you need to consider what kind of neighborhood best fits your lifestyle. One factor that plays an important role in home buyers’ decisions is how close or far they are from essential facilities and amenities such as schools, hospitals, banks, restaurants, and convenience stores.

The home buyer should make sure to include all essential facilities in your list before you decide on which neighborhood is right for you. A good real estate agent can help you do so. A quick search online will reveal various resources listing standard facilities available in most neighborhoods across India. 

3. Neighborhood and Network

Most buyers don’t want to spend their days on crowded highways and long commutes or get too far from things they like doing. If you’re considering buying a house and don’t have much experience in real estate, make sure to consider neighborhood amenities before you choose where to live!

These can include parks, schools, and even businesses nearby. Who wants to buy a house where there is no transport or road connectivity? No one! 

4. Safe Environment

A secure, clean, and well-maintained environment is definitely among the factors that can affect a buyer’s home buying decision. Even first-time homebuyers consider such factors when deciding on their next move.

This does not necessarily mean that a buyer has to live in an upscale condominium unit or house for him or her to be happy, but it helps set one’s mind at ease if one knows that his or her surroundings are safe and clean. A safe environment also means an area with no or very little crime rate. This also affects the buyer’s decision.

5. Home Features

While you might think that home features are all about location, there’s so much more to consider. For example, is there room for your family to grow? Or do you need to work out of your home? Will you be able to put in an office space? How close is it to public transportation or stores? Can you easily get around when walking or riding a bike? Do you have any pets that require special accommodations like access to an outdoor area or extra space inside? These features are also the factors that can affect a home buyer’s decision.

6. Children

From security to aesthetics, buyers with families have different reasons than others for choosing where they want to call home. The more children in your family, the more space you need. The kind of school system can also be a key decision-maker.

7. Psychological Factors

Our emotions (or lack thereof) play a big role in our home buying decision. If we don’t feel at home, we may pass on your listing. For example, a person’s past experiences and upbringing may affect how they feel about homeownership or if they even consider it as an option at all.

Some people are raised to save while others are told they can buy whatever they want. When trying to determine if you want to buy your first home, be sure to consider all factors of your upbringing and any other unique situations that affected your point of view on buying property.

8. Social and Cultural Factors

When it comes to first-time home buyers, social factors—family and friends—are powerful influences. But if this does not affect a person much, then he/she has more liberty in home buying. For many first-time homebuyers, buying a home represents an investment in an ideal; one that may feel good to them culturally. You don’t want to feel like a fish out of the water.

A major factor in your decision to buy or not is likely to be how homey you feel. Not everybody feels safe or comfortable when they get outside their comfort zone.

In Summary

Buying a house isn’t the same as shopping. It is a decision you make, maybe once or twice in a lifetime. And that is why it is extremely important to consider all the factors before buying a new house. 


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