What Are Additional Checks That Are Needed After COVID?

Kishan Thakkar K

You will find this article helpful to learn about the essentials about the additional checks that need to be performed after the return of the residents.  

While the developers are eager to resume their projects, they should also made it clear that buildings follow the rules of social distancing and hygiene protocols. The focus on hygiene and cleanliness will prevent the spread of the virus.

Below are some of the measures that should be taken in student housing,

  1. Thermal imaging for temperature screening of students and employees, will ensure the entry of only those individuals who are healthy.
  2. Sanitizing the places and furniture on regular basis. In order to keep these places clean and hygienic, sanitization becomes essential.
  3. Restricting the number of visitors.
  4. Owners should make arrangements for the same and see that the norms are duly followed.

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