Vastu Tips for First-time Homebuyers

Lipika Pandey L

Vastu Shastra is the antiquated Indian science for a positive home. Science is tied in with enhancing the ideas of designing, optics, acoustics, and spirituality. Vastu Shastra is a profoundly developed and time-tested architectural science that spins around different core standards.

While you most certainly wish to buy a Vastu-compliant home, you ought to constantly remember a couple of core Vastu tips for homes with the goal that you can carry out no difference for long-term harmony, flourishing, and health.

This guide will assist you with checking Vastu tips for a new home all alone so you can purchase the ideal home for yourself as well as your loved ones. 


Vastu Tips for Homebuyers

  1. Home Entrance
    • For north wall entrance doors, they ought to be in the northeast zone.
    • The south wall entry doors should be in the southeast direction.
    • For the east wall, the northeast is the best choice for doors.
    • For the west wall, the northwest is the most propitious zone for doors.
    • The largest door should always be the main entrance door of the house.
    • The total number of doors and windows in a home ought to be even and not end with 0.
    • The main entrance door shouldn’t directly confront another home’s main door.
    • An underground tank or septic tank ought not to be under the main door.
  2. Living Room
    • North should be considered for the living room, or east or north-east or even north-west.
    • Electronics or machines ought to be in the south-east.
    • Heavy furniture ought to be towards the west or south-west.
    • The mirror ought to be there on the north wall assuming it is available in the living room.
  3. Bedrooms
    • South-west is the place where the room ought to be situated for greater success and better wellbeing. 
    • Bedrooms ought to be kept away from in the south-east or north-east which might prompt medical issues and fights among couples. Keep the bed in the southwest corner of the room with the head facing toward the west.
    • Do not put a mirror or TV before the bed and your reflection ought not to be seen in a mirror when in the bed since it prompts domestic disturbances.
    • Always have gritty/neutral shades for your room to bridle positive energy. Try not to paint the walls dark.
    • Do not have works of art showing water or fountains or temples in the room.
  1. Kitchen
    • You ought to ensure that the kitchen is sans mess.
    • You ought to continuously situate the kitchen in the southeast or south corner since this direction administers fire.
    • The gas oven and sink ought to be separately positioned since fire and water are contradicting components.
  2. Bathrooms and Toilets
    • You ought to ensure that toilets and washrooms are not appended and regardless of whether they will be, they ought to be situated in the northeast direction without contacting the kitchen walls.
    • Mirrors ought to be set above the storage.
    • Bathrooms ought to be higher than the ground level for forestalling any spillage of water.
    • Keep the water supply and geyser in different directions.
    • Always have lighter tones like white for the washroom.
  3. Balcony and Verandah
    • The balcony or verandah ought to be in the north or northeast and you can put small planters here in the northeast direction.
    • Use square or geometric seating on the balcony and verandah if you have adequate shades and pick earthy tones like beige, green, yellow, etc for this space.

Vastu Tips to be Considered for West Facing House

  • The plot shouldn’t slope from north to south. 
  • Entrances ought to be in the third, fourth, fifth, or sixth segments of the west.
  • The kitchen ought to be in the northwest or southeast.
  • Living and pooja rooms in the northeast will be favorable.
  • The room of the kid can be put in the north-west, west, or south.

Vastu Tips to be Considered for East Facing House

  • Toilets should not be set in the northeast and the northeast corner shouldn’t have a bedroom. And there ought to be no septic tank in the northeast corner.
  • The flight of stairs ought not to be in the northeast.
  • Plots should never be higher in the north than in the south.
  • The kitchen ought to be in the northwest or southeast.
  • Pooja room can be kept in the northeast and a similar applies to the living room.

Vastu Tips to be Considered for South Facing House

  • The entrance ought to be on the fourth part/step of the south side.
  • If there is any depression or holes in the south fill them up, and it ought to be higher than all directions except for the southwest course where you ought to keep weighty furnishings.
  • Sit with your back toward the south in the house and keep your face towards the north.
  • Red ought to be used outside your home and introduce a red color photo or painting of Lord Hanuman on the southern wall.
  • Mangala Yantra ought to be introduced in the south direction with the Shukla Paksha procedure followed.

Vastu Tips to be Considered for North Facing House

  • No toilets should be there in the northeast.
  • The bedroom ought not to be in the northeast corner.
  • There ought not to be any flight of stairs on the north side.
  • There ought to be no dustbins towards the northeast and north.
  • The kitchen ought to be in the northwest or southeast.

Some Other Vastu Tips to be Considered, while Buying a Home:

  • Choose a house where each of the four corners is intact, i.e., with no corner being cut.
  • The stairs ought to be clockwise and ought not to be in the northeast direction.
  • The kitchen ought to be in south-east or north-west direction and not be in the north-east course.
  • The master bedroom ought to be in the southwest and not be in the southeast direction.
  • Toilets ought to be in the northwest and not be in the northeast direction.
  • Vastu suggests avoiding buying apartments having large water bodies, especially in the west or south direction.
  • Vastu tips to purchase a new flat propose that the toilets ought not to be right close to the Pooja room or kitchen.

Concluding Words!

Vastu Shastra has been broadly considered to address issues in new and old homes. Thus, various Vastu tips are frequently used to allow new life and energy into our homes. However, some people probably won’t have faith in the convenience of Vastu shastra, these tips are as yet worth a shot with regards to the ingraining positive energy in your dream home.


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