Variants of GRIHA Rating System

Kishan Thakkar K

By definition, green buildings are structures that ensure that natural resources such as building materials, water, and energy are efficiently used, while generating the least amount of non-degradable waste. But who decides whether a green building is really green?

Below is a List of the Primary Rating Systems Used in India

  • GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment)
  • BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency)
  • IGBC (Indian Green Building Council)
  • LEED India (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)

In this blog we will be exclusively discussing the GRIHA Rating system.

TERI and the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy jointly developed India’s own Green Building rating system, the GRIHA.

GRIHA Variants


The GRIHA V 2015 rating system consists of 31 criteria divided into several sections. Construction projects with a floor area greater than 2,500 m2 and are in the design phase are eligible for GRIHA certification.

Click here to view the Criteria and their weightage.

2. Griha Precertification

GRIHA Council has planned a procedure that enables fast track environmental clearances through pre-certification of projects based on the MoEF’s office memorandum.

3. Svagriha

SVAGRIHA (Small Versatile Affordable GRIHA) is a new, easy-to-use and affordable green building rating system developed jointly by the GRIHA Council and TERI.

There are only 14 criteria in this rating, which have been analyzed by using software tools and simplified calculators. These criteria, along with their weightage, can be viewed here.

4. Svagriha Precertification

Currently, there are no details on the GRIHA website about this Certification.

5. Griha For Affordable Housing

In an aim to take sustainability to the masses, GRIHA developed this variant which is the PMAY.

6. Griha For Existing Buildings

Rating system consists of a 100-point scale based on 12 different criteria grouped into 7 sections.

7. Griha For Day Schools

Currently, there are no details on the GRIHA website about this Certification.

8. Griha For Large Developments

The idea behind developing this rating system was to formulate a framework for assessing the environmental performances of larger developments.

9. Griha For Cities

The GRIHA for CITIES rating is a framework intended to foster sustainable growth of a city, and to measure the “green” nature of existing as well as proposed cities.

In Summary

I hope you have found the blog helpful in understanding about GRIHA variants. However, if you have any questions or comments, you can reach out to us at

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