Trending Home Décor in 2022

Sakera Patel S

Trends change quickly, and the home decor industry is no exception. Home decor trends seem to change almost as often as fashion trends, so it can be difficult to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. Fortunately, you can find out here!

We’ve compiled some of the most popular home décor.

Neutral and Natural Wall Paint Shades

Neutral colors are, well, neutral—you can pretty much match anything to them. They’re also an easy way to make your room feel larger (black walls will do just the opposite). Instead of choosing a color and sticking with it on all four walls, try painting two accent walls for an asymmetrical effect.

To go a little edgier, paint one wall white and leave another bare: The contrasting difference between warm white and cool gray will make your space look fresh.

A word of warning: Don’t go overboard with patterns—stick to one large or small print; otherwise you run into chaos territory.

Green and Pink – a New Color Scheme

Green is a calm color that helps many people to sleep better at night. Pink, when used with other colors like yellow and blue, can help kids to have a more positive outlook on life. With that being said, expect to see both of these colors become more common throughout homes in 2022.

The fact that both of these colors are calming is only part of what makes them so popular- because they aren’t in just yet, it’s easier for new homeowners or renters to give their home a unique look by using them as accent colors rather than making an entire room green or pink.

DIY Creations

Today, many homeowners are turning to DIY projects for home décor. For example, instead of hiring a professional to come in and wallpaper your walls or install a new door, you can often do it yourself! You’ll not only save money but get some awesome home decor out of it!

Whatever type of home décor interests you—wallpaper, paint color palettes, or even furniture—you can find great instructions on how to DIY these items right at home.

The home decor trend is less formal and more laid-back in 2022; however, since DIY projects have been growing immensely popular over the past few years, they won’t likely slow down any time soon.

Return to Natural Materials

A trend that has been around for a while, but has picked up steam recently is a return to natural materials. People are starting to notice how synthetic things, such as plastics and vinyl, can cause harm not only to our health but also to our surroundings.

As they continue to discover these issues with traditional home décor materials and realize that there are new options available that look just as good or better than synthetic materials, many are switching back over to eco-friendly options for their home décor needs.

Mimicking Nature

With a massive movement toward sustainably sourced materials, you can expect to see more and more home decor mimicking nature. Whether it’s incorporating natural stones or having elements that look like they’ve been ripped straight from a tree, such things are becoming increasingly common as people become more aware of our impact on nature.

What could go into your home? The sky is basically the limit! Bamboo floors are already popular, but with advances in technology, you might find yourself sitting on furniture made entirely out of bamboo.

Similarly for wood furniture: Composite materials allow for stronger woods to be used without requiring high levels of energy consumption in production. The resulting products tend to have all kinds of advanced properties and may not even seem like wood at all anymore!

Vintage is the New Modern

Thanks to Pinterest and Tumblr, we’re obsessed with all things vintage. Our homes are becoming trendy time capsules that represent our lives right now. A new wave of mid-century furniture is hitting stores, people are collecting Art Deco treasures left and right.

We’re nostalgic for an era we never lived through—and it shows! The living room is ground zero for nostalgia; incorporating vintage furnishings and decor into your space will make your home feel unique without breaking your budget.

You can repurpose old items or even create brand new designs using vintage materials like ceramics or beads to set a moody tone in any room of your house.

Japandi Design

Scandinavian style in 2022, is more popular than ever. And while there’s a lot to love about cool, minimal design, it can feel cold and modern. Scandinavian style tends to favor white walls and natural materials, which leaves plenty of room for lively colors like orange and green to shine.

Add these colors into your home’s décor by mixing vintage furniture with brightly colored accents like pillows or throw blankets—the contrast will make everything look fresh and invigorating.

These colors are also perfect for anyone who struggles with decorating because they’re both approachable and bold; try them on an accent wall or use them as a pop of color in an otherwise neutral space!

Multifunctional Furniture and Spaces

More and more, our homes are filled with furniture and gadgets that serve multiple purposes. For example, we’re seeing a rise in multifunctional office furniture: A desk can become a table by day, then a bed at night. And we’re starting to see multi-purpose spaces—like multifunctional rooms within homes that can transform between living rooms, playrooms, and kitchens.

Rather than having an office space or playroom outside of your bedroom, you may soon be able to do it all from inside your bedroom.


People are more environmentally conscious these days, so it’s no surprise that home décor is shifting away from traditional furniture and more towards products like repurposed wood, recycling bins, and solar panels. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a classic piece of furniture every now and then – just make sure to get a second life out of your favorite pieces.

If you can’t part with that couch or dining table, for example, give it new life with a fresh coat of paint or some extra detailing. This trend might surprise you at how quickly it becomes mainstream!

In Summary

What’s trending in home décor for 2022? The trend of 2022 is all about warmth, vintage, DIYs, and nature. With that being said, we hope you find some inspiration from our 2022 trends list and by reading our creative tips on how to execute them.

Ultimately, keep your eyes open for what’s new and different every year—some of today’s unconventional trends maybe tomorrow’s standard issue. Good luck!


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