Top Trends in Real Estate in 2022

Kishan Thakkar K


The real estate market has been quick to adapt to the changes that need to be incorporated to keep the real estate afloat. After the uncertain two years impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic, the Indian real estate sector is showing signs of stability. The vaccination drive, Low stamp duty and interest rates have been aiding factors for the boost in the sector. Of course, big returns and rentals, have been the additional key driver for the boost. Parallelly, homebuyers have realized the importance of owning a home.

Based on a low base, the country’s central bank projects annual GDP growth of 9.5% for FY 2022. This upswing in economic activity is expected to benefit the real estate sector, especially residential, office, warehousing, and data centers.

2021 has been the time of the rapid transformation that we have witnessed. Developers also have adapted and applied digital and technological advancement for construction, management and marketing.

As we have started the new financial year, the experts are predicting the ‘Positive 2022’ for the real estate industry. This article lists the top trends across these key markets in 2022.

1. The rise in the residential property market

© Knight Frank Research

After witnessing the fall and then stability in the residential property prices, it is likely to rise again. Based on Knight Frank’s 2022 report, residential property values in the country are expected to grow by around 5 per cent in 2022.

“Demand in residential sales would remain there,” says Pritam Chivukula, Co-founder & Director, Tridhaatu Realty and Hon. Secretary, CREDAI MCHI. “Well-known and trusted developers shall be witnessing comparatively better sales in the mid-income and affordable housing segments and shall continue to dominate in 2022 as well,”.

The factor of ‘necessity’ has been added, other than the factor of investment preference, given the boost in the larger home demands give the wider choices in the perception of work-life balance. Buyers want to get a lifestyle that can easily include the work-from-home notion.

2. FDI will be an important growth driver

Foreign Direct Investment has been always an important growth driver of the real estate sector. The Indian real estate market has been succeeded in attracting foreign investors, especially the residential real estate sector.

Indian real estate is witnessing a sharp rise in investment from the NRIs, as a result of the RERA’s transparency and laws that allows 100 per cent FDI in construction.

© UNCTAD, Knight Frank Research

3. Co-working spaces will also get benefitted

Businesses want to stay stable against the resurgence of the third wave of the pandemic. This has opened the gate for an amazing opportunity for co-working spaces to get advantages from the situation.

These factors, among others, will potentially double the market size of co-working spaces within the next five years at a compound annual growth rate of 15 per cent, states the new CII-ANAROCK report, ‘Workplace of the Future’.

The idea of a flexible workspace is viewed as a great cost-saving option by most firms including start-ups, and they are being proactive about it.

4. Government will play a dominant role

Real estate has always contributed greatly to the country’s economy. The government has been proactive in introducing new government policies, the expectation of the buyers and developers are likely to rise in the upcoming months.

It is believed that these policies will help the industry become more organized and will play a positive role in providing a boost to the sector.

Residential real estate properties will continue to be in high demand. Additionally, it is predicted that the players in this segment will reflect relatively higher sales by 2022, based on the predictions of various experts and stakeholders.


The statistics and the prediction from the experts are only directed towards the optimistic view towards the future growth.

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