Home sellers’ Top Misconceptions

Kishan Thakkar K

We have listed top myths from the seller of the house. While selling the house, you might have received different conflicting advices, everyone have a different experience while selling the house. It might become difficult to segregate which parameters are considerable or not.

After quite extensive research, we have identified few common myths of the seller.

Even though the list can be quite long, we have limited it to the 7 myths. So you can get the knowledge while selling the house.

The Following Are the Top Myths Among Sellers

Myth 1: Selling home yourself is cheaper

Truth: When considering the costs of selling, it might seem a legible idea to sell your home yourself; but this comes at a cost of missing the various strategies of marketing.

Without the real estate agent, you will overlook the property portals and have to handle all the enquiries, negotiation and home viewing. Eventually, this process will cost you more than hiring the real estate agents.

Myth 2: Choose the agent who values your property at the highest rate

You might believe that the higher an estate agent values your home, the more they are likely to selling it for you. In fact, the experienced agent will value your property fairly and with appropriate market strategies, it is more likely to work out in your best interest.

Myth 3: The best time to sell is summer

Truth: There are few months of the year that are considered as a popular time for real estate market. Property markets are indeed seasonal. Stats prove that selling a home during any season is advantageous, the home can be sold in any season. A real expert real expert knows the market so speak to them about how they see your property fitting into the current market conditions.

Selling a home in summer season certainly have some advantages, but it comes with downsides. While summer the buyers gets the more choices to select from, it is reflected in prices offered. Winter might be less preferable from Summer, but it help sustain price level for the sellers!


Myth 4: Interior is all that matters

Truth: While listing the photos, you might be putting the photographs of the interior spaces. Always consider that the first impression matters, so always keep the exterior of the house clean and aesthetically appealing, paint the exterior walls, if necessary. It will make the difference.

Myth 5: Price the property higher so that you can negotiate later

Truth: Some sellers overprice the property in the hope that after negotiation the decided price will be the price they wanted in the first place. The overpriced house can be bypassed by the buyers. Today the buyers are very well learned and well researched, they will move on to another project having the lower price and same features and won’t even bother to look.

Real estate experts can offer some pricing guidelines that can help you to accurately assess you home and still have the room for negotiation.

Myth 6: A quick offer means the prices are low

You might be inclined to think that receiving immediate offer might be an indicator that the house is undervalued.

The buyers who want to buy have been scanning the properties on the market continuously for the past weeks. They might have seen the similar projects in the particular area already. So, when something new comes along which suitable, ‘hot buyers’ will be first one to enquire.

With the right marketing strategies by the expert real estate agents and correctly priced home can fetch* you the potential home buyers within hours also!

Myth 7: All real estate agencies are same and provide similar services

All the agents provide basic marketing strategies though there are significant differences between real estate agents even in the same area. All agents will provide almost same basic marketing.

Expert agents will have far greater experience in negotiations and in finding innovative solutions to issues. The differences between agents can have a significant impact on the negotiation. Statistically the agents who have good expertise will often fetch 1-4% higher prices for their clients.

With the appropriate knowledge, marketing strategies, it will be easier for you to sell.

In Summary

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