Top 5 Categories of Social Infrastructures of a City

Sujan Afi S

What if you did not have a washroom in your house? What if you find that you have forgotten to put salt in the dish that you have made? What if you forget to take the required documents to the bank?

Under all the above-mentioned circumstances you will have to face a problem. You will not be able to achieve the target you wanted to achieve. A house without a washroom will cause trouble to the persons living there. A dish without salt will not taste good.

Again, if you don’t carry the required documents with you to the bank then your work won’t be done. So, to achieve some target, we need to pay attention to every small detail. Similarly, to make an area worth living in, certain things should be kept in mind.

In this article, we are going to look at the infrastructure that the government has to build inside a city to make the area worth living in.

A Further Discussion

You cannot build a city in one day. Right? The city generally spreads at its own pace. The growth of a city is largely dependent on the amenities and services available in the city. For example, a city having a good number of hospitals and schools will attract more people. They will try to settle in that city. Consequently, the city will grow.

Now, the question is, what type of social infrastructure should be there in a city to make it a better living place?

Social infrastructure can be defined as an asset that provides social services.

Many social infrastructures must be included within a city. Let’s discuss a few of them.

  1. Hospital and Health Centres: I think that a hospital is the most important structure that should be included within a city. There should be at least one hospital every few kilometres. The importance of a hospital is not unknown to us after we have experienced the second wave of Covid 19.

    Can you imagine your days without a hospital or a health centre? Suppose, you have built a house in a place that is ideal in almost all respect, but, it does not have a hospital nearby. Will you be able to live peacefully? Will, that area develop?
  1. Educational Institutions: For every society to develop, education is the most important. Man would have remained savage if he could not read. You need to get educated to build a good career. You need to gain knowledge even to speak confidently with people. You need the education to get enlightened.

    A city without good schools, colleges, universities, research institutes, etc. will never develop properly. You can even think it practically. Why does an individual try to get admitted to a famous college even if he/she has to stay hundreds of kilometres away from his/her home? It is because we tend to believe that we can get better knowledge in better institutions. So, a city with some quality educational institutions will flourish.
  1. Justice providing Institutions: Can you live in a society where you will not get justice? Suppose, there is a theft in your house. Where do you go? To a police station, right? What if there is no police station? You will, perhaps, not live in such a place.

    Why? Because there is no guarantee of safety and security and justice won’t be done too. Therefore, we can say that police stations, courts, prisons, etc. are some important structures that a city should contain.
  1. Transport facilities: Can you imagine your days without a car or a bus (or any other vehicle)? Suppose, your office is 5 km. away from your house. Can you travel on foot? You will have a sore foot! Forget about pollution!

    Further, if a city does not have a good transport facility, then that city might have to face problems because a lot of food items and other necessary things need to be imported from other places. Therefore, a good transport system is essential for the growth and development of a city.
  1. Other necessary infrastructure: There are several other infrastructures needed in a city. For instance, you need to have proper waste management facilities, you need to have some parks and other areas for refreshment, etc. All these are very important for the development of a city.

In Summary

We often say that we can’t live alone. We need some people to talk to, to share our feelings and emotions. Similarly, a city with only huge residential or commercial buildings cannot develop much. Several social infrastructures are necessary for its growth. I have tried to include some of them.

I hope that this blog has served its purpose. Still, if you have any doubt or other concerns, drop a mail at We will be more than happy to guide you and solve your problems.


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