Top 10 Real Estate Startups in the World

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The real estate industry is preparing for its boom to become the largest market in the world in terms of financial value by 2026. This shows great potential for startups in the sector. As more cities are developing their economy and infrastructure, more real estate opportunities are formed. 

With the rise of technologies like machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, numerous creative start-ups have seen much growth in the recent decade with their innovative business models, altering the face of the real estate industry.

Take a look at some of them.

NoBroker (2014, Bengaluru)

NoBroker is a real estate platform which helps people to buy, sell and rent properties without having to pay any brokerage. The platform lets buyers connect directly to sellers and discuss and make deals between themselves. It allows free listings, lets users add maximum information to minimise the number of visits, helps to develop rental agreements and automates paperwork, and also provides many other services.

Atmos (2018, San Francisco)

Atmos is a digital platform that allows you to design and build the house of your dreams. It enables the users to browse and buy plots or existing houses, customise the design to their desire and start building, while helping them to stay within their budget. 

It also allows you to see the design in 3D before the work is started. The platform provides you with the assistance of a project manager to provide you with regular updates.

EasyKnock (2016, New York)

EasyKnock works to help homeowners convert their equity to cash through their sale-leaseback programs. They can sell their house to the company and stay there as renters. This enables them to move forward with their goals and not be burdened by loans or moving out. 

The company gives more importance to the overall financial profile of the homeowner, rather than just their tax returns, and offers personalised plans. Some solutions even let them repurchase the house.

Flyhomes (2016, Seattle)

Flyhomes is an online real estate service that assists you with the entire process of home-buying. It provides you with a licensed agent, research analyst, tour specialist and loan officer to help you with the various aspects of homebuying, such as understanding the process, assessing the risks involved, taking informed decisions, loan options etc.

ServiceTitan (2007, Glendale)

ServiceTitan is a real estate servicing company that provides project management services. They have one of the largest collections of contractors available for plumbing, electrical works, HVAC and other systems as well. They also have software that centralizes accounting, sales, marketing systems, etc.

CoHo (2015, India)

CoHo is one of India’s first co-living spaces. Located across cities like Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Delhi, Noida etc., they provide fully furnished housing for individuals and sharers, along with amenities such as a gym, laundry service, WiFi, 24 hours security, lounge access, reading rooms, games etc.

Awfis (2015, India)

Awfis is a provider of managed coworking spaces that enables users to browse for workspaces fitting their requirements. They can book private cabins, meeting rooms, work desks etc. online, and also connect with service providers in areas like accounting, legal, payments, etc.

Rentberry (2015, San Francisco)

Rentberry’s goal is to digitize the rental process. They offer online price negotiation services to renters and landlords and automate standard rental procedures like credit report submission, document signing etc.

Cubbo (2021, Bogota)

Cubbo fulfills orders and repurposes real estate assets for e-commerce companies, along with storing, packing, and delivering services. They also offer logistics, inventory and order control tools to help manage assets 

Get Agent (2014, London)

GetAgent is an online website where users can find real estate agents to manage their properties, compare their past performances, book valuations, etc.

In Summary

Real estate is an industry that always has the potential to yield high returns in the long term. Due to this reason, even despite the Covid-19 pandemic shaking the global economy, the real estate industry still pushes through and maintains steady growth. 

Along with the world’s recovery from 2020, the rise of new technologies and new ideas from masterminds like the companies mentioned above and many more, the real estate industry houses great opportunities and potential to contribute to the infrastructure of cities and help the young generation meet their housing and lifestyle needs. 

We will keep witnessing a constant rise in investments and platforms that make the renting, buying and selling processes easier, better, and more accessible.


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