Tips to Prepare Your House for Legal and Technical Appraisal

Sujan Afi S


At times we have to discard the old and start afresh. It is never late to shed your shell to become that what you might be. Yes, we do have our emotions related to our past days. But it is always better to recall the good memories than shed tears.

This philosophy of starting afresh can be viewed from various angles. Suppose, you get a better job opportunity in a different state or a different country altogether. What would you do? If you are a career-oriented person, you would like to shift! In that case, you might want to shift with your entire family. Thus, you would sit with your family members and try to reach a decision. Now, let’s consider that you decide to shift with your family. So, you might also like to sell your house. I know that not each one of us would make such a decision. But I am considering them who would take such a decision.

Now that you have decided to sell your property, you also communicate the same to your relatives, neighbors, etc. One thing to be noted is that you are not the only one who wants to sell a real estate property. The market is full of such people. Thus, as a seller, you have to be very careful. You need to prepare your property for both legal and technical appraisal.

So, the question is, how would you do that? Well, in this blog we will go through some tips and tricks to prepare your property for legal and technical appraisal.

Tips for Legal Appraisal

It is quite obvious that any prospective buyer would inspect the legal documents of your property if he/she feels interested to buy the property. Thus, you should be ready with all the legal documents of your property. Some important legal documents that should be at hand are:

  • Ownership document of the concerned property/ Title deed: When a buyer wants to buy your house, he/she would want to verify the ownership documents of your house. So, you have to be ready with that. In case the property is named in someone else’s name, you can also ask that person to be present at that moment.
  • No Objection Certificate from the concerned authority: It is the certificate that allows a person or a group or the like to proceed further with buying a property or carrying out construction on a piece of land, etc.

Tips for Technical Appraisal

It is often said that a good look at a property attracts more customers. Thus, try to make your house more attractive for technical appraisal. You can follow the suggestions mentioned below.

  • Always try to keep the surrounding area of your property clean. This is the first area that can leave a good impression on the mind of the buyers. If the surrounding area is dirty, the buyers might get disinterested in buying (or even viewing) your property.
  • Try to keep the interior of the house well-organised. When people would know that you want to sell your house, they might come to inspect your house any time of the day. Thus, you should always try your best to keep everything in an organised fashion. This will not only enhance the look of your house but also give you mental satisfaction.
  • You should repair anything that is broken or malfunctioning to get the best value of the property. Further, you can also paint the entire house with bright colours. This will change the look of the house besides increasing its market value.
  • You can also mention the renovations of your house (if there is any). Further, you can talk about the advantages of the location of your property. All these will help increase the market value of the property.
  • Please make sure that you are drawing the attention of the buyer to the interior designs of the property or any smart technology that you have used in your house. Further make sure that you mention the balcony, the garden, or any open space that you have in your house. Recently the green spaces in buildings or houses are in great demand.


So, these are some suggestions that you can follow while you receive any prospective buyer at your place. Needless to say, every property has something unique in itself. You will know the uniqueness of your property. So, you just need to show that to the buyers. Be confident in everything you say. Make sure that you don’t give any misinformation to the people who come to see your property with the hope of buying it. The rest will follow. I hope that I could help you in some way. However, you can always mail us at in case you have further doubts. We would love to answer your queries. Do check some more articles hosted on our TRT platform. You can also visit our LinkedIn page to remain updated about the latest news of the real estate market.


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