The Strategic Location of GIFT City: Explained

Kishan Thakkar K

At the moment, GIFT city is in an underdeveloped phase as of 2022. It is relatively accessible to reach by road, though it is mostly a ghost town during the evening hours.

Geographical Location

The city of GIFT is strategically located in the state of Gujarat, along the bank of river Sabarmati, between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, with geographical coordinates of 23°9’26”N 72°41’12”E.

Master Plan of GIFT city

It consists of 62 million square feet of built-up area, including office spaces, residential apartments, schools, hospitals, hotels, clubs, retail spaces and various recreational facilities, which makes it a true “Walk to Work” City. This integrated development covers 886 acres. In addition to an exclusive Domestic Area, GIFT City consists of a conducive Multi-Service SEZ (Special Economic Zone).

As a vertical city, this city will maximise land area usage for development. GIFT city can be reached via Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, two cities located on the banks of the river Sabarmati. On one side, GIFT is situated next to an important river, and on the other, it is located near a major highway.

GIFT city is 12 kms away from International Airport and 8 kms aways from Gandhinagar city. A strong intercity transportation system is provided by MRTS. The city is an integrated development that features high quality residential, commercial, hospitality, and social infrastructure.

Transportation & Connectivity

It is connected to different parts of the world through Ahmedabad International Airport, which is only 15 kilometres from the city.

In addition to the Ahmedabad international airport, GIFT city is close to Apollo Hospital, GIDC Convention Centre, Infocity, Indroda Park, Gujarat National Law University, and Pandit Deendayal Energy University.

There are several nearby cities that are expected to be developed in the future, including Ratanpur, Valad, Raysan, Pirojpur, and Randesan. 

Infrastructure Development

Numerous awards and accolades have been presented to GIFT City for its futuristic infrastructure development. GIFT City has built a number of innovative infrastructure systems, including the District Cooling System (DCS), Automated Waste Collection System (AWCS), and Underground Utility Tunnel that make it one of the world’s most advanced smart cities. 

There are international schools, medical facilities, GIFT City business clubs, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, recreation areas, and multi-cuisine restaurants in the city. Also available is 5-Star hotel accommodation and well-planned residential housing.

A GIFT city will be developed in such a way that Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar’s development will soon converge. 

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In a Light of These Facts

There is no doubt that Gujarat state will benefit greatly from the development of GIFT city. While it features many positive aspects about its location and development, it will also take a thoughtful planning and decision making system to ensure its success in the long run.


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