The Pros and Cons of Living in Hyderabad

Sujan Afi S

Hyderabad is the largest city as well as the capital of the Indian state of Telangana. The city is the fourth-most populous city in India (according to the Census of India, 2011). The metropolitan region of the city of Hyderabad is ranked to be the sixth-most populous metropolitan area in India. The urban economy of Hyderabad is also an attractive figure and it is ranked to be the fifth-largest urban economy in India. The city of Hyderabad has a rich historical background. The city served the role of the capital for the Nizams for a long time (1769 – 1948). At present, there are many historical sites in Hyderabad which were mostly built during the Nizams’ period like the famous Charminar, etc. 

The city is famous for its pearl industry and therefore the city is also known as the “City of Pearls”. 

Hyderabad is one of the top pearl producers in the country. The city is the only trading centre in the world for Golconda Diamonds. The city has emerged as the hub of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology in India. Because of its unique cuisine, the city of Hyderabad is listed as a UNESCO creative city of gastronomy. The world’s biggest film city, i.e., the Ramoji Film City is located in Hyderabad. It is spread over a massive area of 2,000 acres!

According to several surveys, the city is ranked to be the best city in India to live in! Therefore, the city surely provides several advantages to living. In this blog, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of living in the city of Hyderabad.

Pros of living in Hyderabad

There are several pros to living in the city of Hyderabad, such as

  1. Low living cost: The overall living cost in Hyderabad is moderate. The city is cheaper compared to other metropolitan cities of India, like Delhi, Mumbai, etc. 
  2. A paradise for food lovers: Hyderabad is considered to be a paradise for food lovers. There are several famous hotels and restaurants where you will get various delicious foods and Hyderabad Biryani is India famous!
  3. High safety: The overall safety, as well as women’s safety, is quite satisfactory in Hyderabad.
  4. Good education: The city has several reputed educational institutions and thus is good for education.
  5. Several vacation destinations: The city has several historical places as well as vacation destinations. Thus, you can enjoy your weekends with your near and dear ones.
  6. Fast internet: The average internet speed in Hyderabad is quite satisfactory.
  7. Easy to make friends: The locals in Hyderabad are very much friendly. It is quite easy for outsiders to make friends in Hyderabad where the problem of language does not appear as a big hindrance. What more do you want?
  8. Easy to do business: In Hyderabad, the business environment is favourable.
  9. Great hospitals: You will find several great public hospitals in Hyderabad. So, you will get good treatment in Hyderabad.
  10. Democratic: In the city of Hyderabad the relationship between common people and the authorities is based on democratic principles.
  11. Good public transport: The status of public transport in Hyderabad is quite satisfactory.
  12. Favourable for IT people: Hyderabad is a growing IT hub in the country and thus favourable for IT people.
  13. Mixing of culture: You will find a number of the mixture in Hyderabad culture. People with different cultural backgrounds live here side by side in harmony.

Cons of living in Hyderabad

The number of cons of Hyderabad is limited. However, we have listed them below:

  1. Low job opportunity: The city of Hyderabad is still not able to make space in the list of the top-most commercial hubs of the country. Therefore, there is a scarcity of jobs for young people.
  2. Feels crowded: The city is very crowded. Hence, you might face a problem if you are a lover of serenity!
  3. High traffic jam: The problem of traffic jams in Hyderabad is quite high.
  4. Poor conditions of roads: The overall conditions of the road are not good.
  5. Hot summers: During the time of summer, the atmosphere is very hot. The temperature even crosses 45ºC!
  6. A lot of dust: Several construction works are going on in various parts of the city. Thus, the air is filled with dust particles.
  7. The problem of power cuts during summer: In some parts of the city, you may find the problem of power cuts during summer.
  8. Water scarcity during summer: Like the problem of power cuts, you also find the problem of scarcity of water during summer in some parts of the city. 


The above discussion surely indicates that the number of pros is higher than the cons. Especially the environment of communal harmony, friendly environment, delicious foods, favorable IT industry, etc. attract a lot of people to live in Hyderabad. The main problem of the city is the poor condition of roads and high traffic jam which seems to get fine with time. 

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