The Most Expensive Homes in Ahmedabad City

Kishan Thakkar K

The property market in Ahmedabad is one of the affordable in the India and offers a wide range of options for every kind of buyer. Besides being a popular destination for affordable housing, Ahmedabad is also a hot spot for luxury homes. 

The Ahmedabad city offers a spectrum of amenities that every buyers’ need in the daily and recreational activities, whether it is connectivity, security or recreational facilities. 

We have compiled a list of a few of the most luxurious and expensive properties from Ahmedabad.

Here is the list of most expensive homes in Ahmedabad.

1) Kalhaar Bungalows, Shilaj

Kalhar Bungalows

4 BHK House – 7.50 Cr

Plot Area – 6795 sq ft

Built up Area – 2700 sq ft

Avg Price – 11037/sqft

Salient Features

Kalhar Bungalows is situated in Thalteh-Shilaj Road, Ahmedabad developed by Navratna Group. The 3 BHK Villas here are provided at very affordable rates.

2) Shaligram Square, Gota

Shaligram Square

3 BHK House – 1.2 Cr

Built up Area – 2133 sq ft

Avg Price – 5300/sqft

4 BHK House – 1.7 Cr

Built up Area – 3132 sq ft

Avg Price – 5300/sqft

Salient Features

Shaligram Square in Gota, Ahmedabad North consisting of 3BHK and 4BHK spreading over a total area of 2.58 acres of land. It offers perfect combination of contemporary architecture and amenities for comfortable living.

3) Aryaman Bungalow, Thaltej

4 BHK House – 7.7 Cr

Plot Area – 5400 sqft

Carpet Area – 4500 sqft

Avg Price – 5300/sqft

Salient Features

Aryaman Bungalows loacated in Shilaj is developed by Saumya Construction spanning over 25 acres, offers 140 units that are spacious. The 77% land cosists of ponds, green lawns, roads, etc.

4) Gala Aria

Gala Aria

3 BHK House – 1.3 Cr

Built up Area – 2115 sqft

Avg Price – 6146/sqft

Salient feature

Gala Aria located in Bopal is developed by one of the Gala Group. It is well equipped with all the modern amenities and features. It offers spacious and skilfully designed units.

5) Adani the north park

Adani The North Park

4 BHK House – 4.8 Cr

Plot Area – 6750 sqft

Avg Price – 2778/sqft

5 BHK House – 8 Cr

Plot Area – 9900 sqft

Avg Price – 2778/sqft

6 BHK House – 9.45 Cr

Plot Area – 15300 sqft

Avg Price – 3333/sqft

Salient Features

Adani North Park is located near Vaishnodevi Circle spreading over a total area of 53.22 acres of land. The construction is of 2 floors.

6) Gala Lotus Villa

Gala Lotus Villa

4 BHK House – 8 Cr

Total Area – 7875 sqft

Avg Price – 7170/sqft

Salient features

The Gala lotus Villa is lavish residential society that developed using biophilic architecture. It offers 43 spacious, well-ventilated and luxurious units in Gokuldham Ahmedabad. The units are designed in pollution-free environment.

7) Goyal Riviera Greens Bungalows

4 BHK House – 4.3 Cr

Total Area – 3069 sqft

Avg Price – 2809/sqft

5 BHK House – 7.5 Cr

Total Area – 3519 sqft

Avg Price – 2809/sqft

8) Super Bungalows, Science City

Super Bungalows, Science City

6 BHK House – 12.7 Cr

Salient features

Super Bungalows is completed premium residential property located in Science City, Ahmedabad. This project offers 3BHK and 4BHK villas with easy access to market and many educational institutions.

9) Heritage Villa

Heritage Villa

5 BHK House – 15 Cr

Total Area – 22500 sqft

Builtup Area – 8775 sqft

Avg Price – 10090/sqft

Salient Features

The Heritage Villa Developed by well-known builder Shree Balaji Group, Located in Chadkheda, spreading across 5 acres, is well connected to SG highway. There is total 11 units in this project.

10) Shivalik Legacy

Shivalik Legacy

4 BHK House – 4 Cr

Total Area – 4400 sqft (SBA)

Avg Price – 8350/sq.ft

Salient Features

The Shivalik Legacy in Bodakdev Ahmedabad, is spread over a total area of 0.48 acres of land. Shivalik Legacy has 44% of open space and has a total of 1 towers and 28 units.

11) Jewel Residency, Ambli

Jewel residency

4 BHK House – 3.3 Cr

Total Area – 4625 sq.ft

Avg Price – 6000/sqft

6 BHK House – 6.6 Cr

Total Area – 9250 sq.ft

Avg Price – 6000/sqft

Salient Features

Sanskrut Jewel Residency in Ambli, Ahmedabad by Sanskrut Group has total of 2 towers and 71 units has been provided. It is under construction project.

12) HRG Verantes, Thaltej

HRG Verantes

4 BHK House – 3.83 Cr

Total Area – 5100 sq.ft

Avg Price – 8900/sqft

Salient Features

HRG Verantes is located in Thaltej, Ahmedabad West. Two apartments are provided per floor. An accommodation of 22 units has been provided.

13) Paarijat Eclat, Ambli Bopal

Parijat Eclat, Ambli Bopal

4 BHK House – 2.56 Cr

Total Area – 3938 sq.ft

Avg Price – 7700/sqft

5 BHK House – 3.77 Cr

Total Area – 5384 sq.ft

Avg Price – 7700/sqft

Salient Features

Paarijat Eclat is located in Ambli Bopal, Ahmedabad West. It has total of 2 towers and an accommodation of 88 units has been provided.

Disclaimer: This information has been collected through secondary research and RoodLand India is not responsible for any legal obligation regarding the same.


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